November 14th, 2010

Xefirotarch, genetics architecture

Today we would like to introduce you the Argentinian architect Hernán Díaz Alonso. He studied in the Rosario nacional University of Argentina and in Columbia University (New York)whre he had his college degree with excellent marks.

After working for the architects Enric Miralles in Barcelona and Peter Eisenman, Díaz Alonso established his own architecture studio in L.A. ten years ago. Since then, he has received a lot of awards and his works have been published in the most important reviews. Nowadays, he works as a teacher in the SCI-Arc and in Columbia University.

His work is completely different to traditional architecture. His projects represent mutation through the use of the most modern technologies and are made without any pencil or draw. “Our study is a paperless office”, the Argentinian architect says.

His creations are located between fiction and reality in a special world that can not be indifferent to nobody.

 Artist´s obssesion with image, technology and distortion are deeply showed in his projects. He has not any limit when he makes his creations because he does not look for a business or functional aim. In fact, Xefirotarch designs more works related with images and interiors than architectural buildings.

His work has been showed in biennial exhibitions in London, Beijing and Venice and is permanently displayed in the FRAC (Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain) and MoMa in San Francisco and New York.

“Tabakalera New Media Art” is an important Xefirotarch´s project created for a contest in San Sebastian two years ago.

 His project “Fideos finos” (2007) stands out also because is a pedestrian streets net inside the San Juan city (Puerto Rico).

To conclude we can say that Xefirotarch´s architecture is farther that available and known limits that open the eyes to a new world.  

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Que Inventiva y Creatividad, son dos cosas que yo Admiro mucho y ésto enfocado desde ángulo distinto a la Arquitectura digamos “Normal” pues a mi Me Gusta, yo la llamaría “Arquitectura Galáctica” Enhorabuena al Creador e Inventor!!!…Un Abrazo.

Comment from M

Me parece mas que futurista, la expreción reprodictiva de ideario de una mentallidad que de hecho vé más allá que la mayoria de los mortales, que es muy me brota mas que opinar , pues como arquitectura todavía le devemos a la inventiva el paso intermedio, lo bueno es que de este tipo de genérica nace lo que la realidad puede adoptar.. bien…

Comment from aLBERTO


Comment from lola villamor

mas que un trabajo de arquitectura, es un trabajo de ingenieria, es el futuro sin lugar a dudas, un futuro que esta ya mismo

Comment from Joaquín Torres

Gracias a los tres por vuestros comentarios

Comment from davvid

wow, me encanta la imagen, la ideaa,es bello este modelo mercurio.,.,.,.