March 24th, 2010

A-cero´s volumes

In this occasion we want to show you a house designed by A-cero for a family who lives in the outskirts of Madrid. You can find it in “Hoyo de Manzanares”, a town situated 35 km from Madrid.

The house´s plot has 1200m2 and it is next to other two properties. It faces to the north-western and south-eastern. Its mean front  looks to the garden and swimming pool of the house.

The house´s  structure has two volumes and tree floors.  Interior areas are very light because there are a lot of wide windows and the entire house is white.

In the higher floor is the main bedroom, a bath room, a studio and a guess room.  On the other hand,  the most public areas are in the ground floor : hall, kitchen, dining room and living room with a high roof.

Located at a lower level are distributed the facilities rooms and the garage, which receives direct sunlight and ventilation from the outside through a courtyard.

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Comment from Jesús

Me gusta mucho, aunque echo en falta alguna foto de noche de la vivienda. Han de tener en cuenta que la personalidad que expresa, que ‘desprende’, la construcción debe mostrarse con todo tipo de luz.

Comment from leticia

De lo que no se puede quejar esta casa es de luminosidad, es muy pura.

Comment from módulos alquiler

En esta construcción se puede apreciar perfectamente la estructura de “cubos montados” que crean espacios interiores muy bien estudiados.

Diseño de lineas sencillas, limpia. Muy bonita sin lugar a dudas. Gracias

Otro gran trabajo!