August 26th, 2014

Emblematic housings IV: Concrete house I

Today the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares, wants to remind a project located in an exclusive development in Madrid, Spain. It’s a single family house, isolated and surrounded completely by the plot where it is. The main facade faces a private circulation path and it’s surrounded by its own garden. Next to the the back facade is placed the outside pool.




The surface of the property is divided in many levels. The ground foor, with a built surface of 634’89 m2 has two entries: one from the private way and another from the low floor by stairs. It has a garage, installations room, lumber rooms, baths, locker rooms, game room, gym and a cellar.


With a built surface of 684’17 m2. It has an entrance in the main facade and another one, for service, placed in the facade of one of its sides. Here are the daily spaces: the main access, courtesy bath, the stairs that lead to the ground floor, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, the maiin bedroom with complete turkish bathroom, and an area with the secondary bedrooms, in the Southwest part, composed by three bedrooms and their respectives bathrooms. Outside, a pool and a pergola over a leisure zone complete the complex.




The total built surface of the property and the pool is 1319’06 m2.

The facade is made of unidirectional frameworks over reinforced concrete pillars. In the ground floor, a perimeter retaining wall of reinforced concrete.

Porches of granite. Garage ramp of portuguese granite paving stone. Retaining walls of concrete.



All the walls, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen, are finished in plain plastic painting; the bathrooms in stucco, the service baths in big format stoneware till the ceiling. The ceilings are made of cardboard and plaster and are finished in plain plastic paint. The noble areas of the property have wooden floor and the service areas have stoneware.

The different levels are comunicated inside by stairs and lift.

A perimeter light has been chosen, creating a warm atmosphere and enhancing the paintings in the wall. Bright and dark contrasts in the sofa, armchairs and also in the center table.

Meticulous interior design with wide spaces and studied distribution. The big windows provide light in the different spaces.

In the kitchen the paler shades are broken, contributing with more bright through the colors of the lamps.

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Comment from Didier M.

Que bien, me gusta!

Comment from A-cerocf

Una maravilla d vivienda que no me canso nunca de mirar y mirar… El propietario tiene que estar encantado con ella. Felicidadessss

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me desapareció el comentario…

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Maravillosa vivienda, me encanta su diseño y estética sus lineas esculturales,exterior e interior Precioso Todo. Es una de mis Favoritas!!!

Comment from omr

Esta es la casa de Antonio Catalán no?????

Comment from Marco

Maravillosa vivienda. Lo único que me preocuparía el gasto de calefacción.

Comment from Extintores

Una vivienda espectacular en acero, cristal y hormigón. Una seguridad extra en materia de protección contra incendios. La utilización de materiales ignífugos o aquellos que combaten la propagación son un extra para la seguridad de las personas y bienes.


Maravilloso proyecto! Nos encanta