August 5th, 2014

Emblematic housing I: Moka house

The architecture studio A-cero presents one of its most famous works in single family properties of big dimensions. Placed in the outskirts of Madrid, over a plot of 3000 m2, it’s a property in three different levels with a total surface of 1600 m2.









The property answers the requirements of the owners, fitting a medium slope plot and facing the main spaces to the common areas of the development, looking for a better use of the free ground and the best views.

The access to the ground floor could be made from the main area of the property and also from the garage, dividing it in two zones: the pool area, sports instalations, relax and cinema and another zone dedicated to the service works, placed on the east part of the house. It’s solved giving a direct access from the garage and connecting it with the low floor through a staircase which finishes in the work area distributor. In the central area, next to the garage there’s the store zone.

On the ground floor, the hall-distributor that provides access to the property, communicates two areas clearly divided by an  imaginary  axis direction east-west: one is the main zone and the other one complements it. The first visually dominates the plot and leads to the porches trough the main spaces such as the bedroom, living room, dining room or the office.


On the opposite side of this imaginary line we can find the complementary stays: bathrooms, dressing rooms, larder and kitchen. The sports instalations are completed outside with a paddle track.

The first floor is linked with the low level through a double height which divides the bedrooms booked for guests and the 3 family bedrooms, linked to a library, an office and a living room.

The architecture blends with the landscape through a series of volumes that rise from the garden to the house itself, combining the curved shapes of a total architecture.

The final solution answers to a solid volume aesthetic, playing with their heights and shapes, with the surrounding environment and looking for a rich inside space.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

La Casa Moka una de las Viviendas más Bellas de A-cero, diferente y Exquisita, no tengo palabras una MARAVILLA!!! Felicidades un millón de veces!!!! Que Grandes Sóis!!!!

Comment from A-cerocf

Una escultura hecha vivienda!! MARAVILLOSA BRAVO POR VOSOTROS

Comment from Anonymous

Sois únicos, la casa es de una belleza que acaricia los sentidos!!! Trabajadores y muy competentes, si señor, sois A-CERO, claro. Enhorabuena. Besos. HELGA

Comment from María

Es la misma que sale en ese video??

Comment from Anonymous

La ejecución de esta casa deja bastante que desear. Las aguas de las fachadas se ven un montón.

Comment from enrique

Muy impresionante ¡¡¡ Enhorabuena.

Comment from Jesús

Una increíble obra de arte. Una pieza única, difícil de describir, pero que a mí, particularmente, me atrapa por completo en todos sus sentidos. Que después de contemplarla mil y una veces, sigue con el mismo poder y enigma de la primera ocasión, como si en vez de ser real, es tan bonita que parece un prototipo de la mejor imaginación.
Mi admiración y mi enhorabuena por ello…
Un abrazo!!!

Comment from Anonymous


Comment from María Schaub

Master of masterpieces, clean neat borders. A feeling of outerlimits, absolutely astonishing!. Should we just take a
deep breath and thankyou for your gift of creativity Joaquim!

Comment from Cocinas Sevilla

Un proyecto excelente. elegancia y lujo de la misma mano.