March 31st, 2013


Continuing the last post, today I present the second part of the selection of Masterplans designed by A-cero. Just as in the previous post, you can expand the information for more details by clicking on the different titles.


For this masterplan of 2000 houses in Ho Chi Mihn, Para este masterplan de 2000 viviendas en Ho Chi Mihn (Vietnam), according to the customer requirements, the design has been inspired by a dragon whose serpentine forms define the structure of the 10 towers that comprise the complex. Twists and stylized curves spread over 5.5 hectares as if there were living flames.

The apartments have been distributed on each floor as modules of six meters wide in order to allow an easy expansion in case you want to join two or more floors. The apartments will occur symmetrically on both sides of the aisle. It have been developed four types of housing: with one, two, three bedrooms and studios (withoout bedroom), with surfaces from 29m2 to 140, and 26m2 built.

It’s a residential complex which includes several shopping areas, two private clubs (one with outdoor pool), a chill out area with pool and playground, a spa, a daycare center, two playgrounds, two restaurants, a fast-good local, a fresh fish place (very typical in Vietnam) and five bars distributed between the buildings. All surrounded by green spaces and artificial lakes located on the waterfront.

With different heights (from a 33-storey skyscraper to a building of 15 floors), the ten towers are arranged in a complex with the same architectural language.


This masterplan in Paname consists in different apartments, villas, club, suites, hotel, mall and spa. A-cero has designed 3.163 properties in 170 blocks where we find different typologies with 2,3 and 4 levels. Blocks are complemented by an importan work of landscape gardening made by A-cero. A common area is also designed for the kids as a play zone..

887 villas have been projected in 1 and 2 levels in a plot of 650.000 m2, divided into individual plots among 700 and 1.250 m2.

All the villas have their respective pool, with big dimensions, designed as a connection between inside and outside.

The option of building a beach club is possible in this idyllic complex to satisfy the customers, creating a zone of relax and leisure for them.

500 suites are designed, built over sand and with amazing views to the sea. To make the most of the views and the light, the suites are projected with big transparent glass windows and so is the viewpoint, giving more depth to the terrace.

The curve dominates and defines the space for the Hotel, organized around a large central courtyard that spill into the room. It integrates seamlessly into the surrounding environment with a large artificial lake and abundant green spaces, ideal for relaxation and leisure customers.

Pergolas put the note sculptural breaking the perfection of the circle but without renouncing the proposed set of curves in the set. It also provides shade and space to house the lower level terraces.

The mall sits on a plot with an area of ​​46,318’72 m2 occupying in ground floor a total area of 15,426 m2. Two solid walls, severed by cuts to avoid heaviness, flanking the central space dedicated to commercial units. The building follows the guidelines set by integrating the environment with care landscape work.

The spa design goes back to the design of the blocks of apartments and suites that we saw in the previous post, especially in the design of decks, porches and pergolas as well as the materials used. Repeated use of the curves and sculptural impossible and tremendously covered dynamization of space and property.


The Nebula project that we remind you in this video, was presented by A-cero for the international architectural competition in Dubai (2007) in which the architectural firm was the winner of the first prize. The Spanish proposal is an exclusive development of seven towers that house a hotel, apartments, shops, offices and a leisure area in a total surface of ​​approximately 600,000 m2.


This spectacular project dates from 2011, where we presented the villas designed by A-cero for the residential resort “The Heart of Europe”, a master plan of 500.000m2 buildable surface located on six artificial islands off the coast of Dubai. “The Heart of Europe” has six hotels (one awarded with 7 stars), an aquarium, schools, kindergartens, fogs, congress building, area for nightlife (bars, clubs) and, of course, a wide area of residential houses and apartments of diverse typology. All with a unique and distinctive design of the different “countries” in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands).

This set of “European” islets is at the same time, in the macro flagship project “The World” that brings together 300 artificial islands located 5km from the coast of the Persian Gulf.

The villas designed for the St. Petersburg area consist of 426,516 m2 and has ground, first and second floors.

In Sweden, the villa has a total area of ​​446,212 m2 and three levels: ground, first and second floors.

For the German complex; “Bavaria Island. The sea star” 200 apartments and different types of villas were designed.

There are also contemplated more common and public spaces as bungalows, offices, hotel and restaurant. An example of these spaces is the office building, notable for its scale and monumentality.

The hotel is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the project. With an open semicircular floor, runs along the beachfront where we can see successive terraces in height. Inside, spaces are open and full of light, with commercial premises in the bottom for commercial establishments.

In Holland we designed a beach club, a conference center and a hotel.

The beach clubs are distributed throughout the entire enclave, suitable for its idyllic location, for the lifting of such type of building intended for enjoyment and relaxation.

There are four different types of villas designed for the area of Switzerland: beach villas, capital villas, water villas and marina villas. The standard model would consist of 500m2 of surface and four levels: basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor.

For the Swedish housing we develop rectilinear and curve shapes that blend and overlap volumetrically in an harmonious architectural game. The apartment blocks are flushed out and from your location you can enjoy spectacular sea views.

Thus far the project selection and Masterplan proposals designed by A-cero. Some of these projects remained on paper for reasons unrelated to the study, but we want to look forward to come to fruition in the future.

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