March 30th, 2013


The architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents a Masterplan selection designed by the study. For further information in each post you can click in the title, which will redirect you to the original post.


This Masterplan proposal in Vietnam provides a total surface of 38.820 m2, where we find: a 22.875 m2 hotel with 350 bedrooms (7.084,30m2 for the common areas and 12.250m2 for the rooms), 26 boungalows in 3.900m2, 50 exclusive villas on a total of 15.000m2, a sports center of 185m2, a management and administration building of 300m2, a beach bar and a car parking of 5.540m2.

Of the almost 40,000 m2 of the entirely Masterplan, the 35,40% are for landscaped open spaces, a 9,90% to surface water and 7,50% to paved areas that connect the different areas.

The front facade of the hotel consists of a set of volumetric winding alternating different planes. The reception porch becomes an extension of the facade creating a sculptural entrance.

The rear facade, facing the development of the Masterplan, leaves aside the curved design to play with straight lines, transforming the horizontality of the balconies into upward lines, creating a huge V in the facade.


This proposal for an exclusive complex near the Nallah river is translated into an exclusive development which covers a total area of ​​25.000m2; spread over 6 plots of 4.046m2 with houses of 500m2.

There are two entrances to the complex, that include the security checkpoints and access control: an access on the east side and another in the northwest, to serve in a future as a connection with the adjoining plot.

Regarding the circulation inside the complex, we have an organic route which allows to observe the landscape. For this reason (the enjoyment of green areas that flood the enclosure) the accesses are long distance shot with small unevenness, with enough space that allows the dual circulation of vehicles. The tour also includes a pedestrian way.

Respect for the environment is primary, so the landscape is based on the conservation of the native plant species, using plants ‘Tulasi’ for this type of architecture. In addition, cows and peacocks circulate freely within the enclosure. The bamboo is another element widely used in landscaping of these villas.

In these villas we want to keep the privacy of the owners, giving them a perimeter wall, of about 3,75 meters tall. A physical limit that gives uniformity to the set, but doesn’t break with landscaping.

In this masterplan total area of 25.000m2 will hold 6 exclusive luxury villas of 4.046m2, of 500m2/villa. These homes have a minimum green zones of 2.023m2, the 50% of the plot.

The luxury villas are designed, based on the principles of the Feng Shui and the free flow of energy. The materials used in the facade are: white limestone and natural stone.


We must say that some of the images are collected from other generic formulations taken as a reference for other projects. This proposal aims to lay the foundations for the development design, located in Havana. This area of ​​activity has a total area of ​​2,206,063 meters square, and affects a coastline of 2033.40 meters on the north side.

The total area of ​​the Masterplan would be distributed as follows: 33% golf course, villas 21%, 5% large villas, apartments in block 20%, 4% cascade apartments, hotel resort 3%, 2% and sports club 12% for other areas.

They are located in an area of ​​453.211m2, the 20.54% of the total area. It consists on 397 plots between 1.000 and 1.200m2 in units of 410 m2, 196 m2 + 185 m2 of porches, surrounded by extensive green spaces and recreational areas.

There are large villages covering an area of 113,325 m2, the 5.14% of total area, there are 35 plots of between 2.500 and 3.500 m2 in the beachfront.

The block apartments consist on 3,840 units in blocks of two heights so you can find 1 bedroom apartments with 75m2 of floor space, 2 bedrooms of 90m2  and 3 bedroom of 120m2 of floor space.

The flats in cascade consist of a total area of 78,176 m2, 300 units in blocks of four storeys, with 2 bedroom apartments of 90m2 of floor space and 3 bedrooms with120m2 floor space.

In the resort hotel, with a total area of 69,039 m2, we have 500 rooms of 60 m2 each.

The sports club, has a total area of 35,336 m2, with a gym 500 m2 and wide variety of sports facilities and outdoor decks. We also find a golf club which is very important in this Masterplan.


This Masterplan was designed for the town of Punta Umbria, Huelva. A proposal that emerges from the river, near which is located in the unique seascape of Costa de la Luz. The project includes a resort, a sport complex, a shop space, a marina, 60 townhouses, apartments and a block of flats.

It has proposed an artificial landscape in which buildings are open to the water and gaining height staggered backwards.

The integral design of the project raises from the level of the building to the landscape, as a topography that arises from contact with the water in the marina, and embraces the whole city from the side from, surroundingit to give a face to the city and othert to he river, which gradually decreases the volume built to blend with the terrain.

The terraces and  residents contact with the environment and the river, are a apremise in the development of residential units and the hotel, all units pouring into the river, with sweeping views.

In a future post we will show more projects and Masterplan proposals designed by A-cero.

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Espectaculares Proyectos, del primero al último son Todos una Maravilla cada no a su Estilo y sin restar ni un ápice de Buen diseño y hermosa arquitectura escultural…Felicidades, sóis !MUY GRANDES! para mi “Los Mejores”. Besos!!

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Perdón Anónimo soy yo, fue un fallo…

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quisiera trabajar con ustedes

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MARIA ESTHER RODRIGUEZ, lo poco agrada y lo mucho cansa, no es la primera vez que te lo dicen, relajate un poco.

El Masterplan de Cuba simplemente me deja sin palabras, enhorabuena, un saludo.

Es muy futurista todo, me encanta. Sueño con una ciudad con edificios así.

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Tiene un toque moderno con rasgos clásicos. Un 10