October 26th, 2016



The architecture studio A-cero directed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares presents a Masterplan in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The project includes more than 1.850.000 m2 with the creation of a golf club, a complex of houses, houses luxury homes, luxury villas, residential buildings and shoppin areas.


Tbilissi, is the bigger city of Georgia near to the Kurá river. The city has more than 1.345.000 people and an area of 726 km2. Between Europe and Asia is estrategically situated.


The masterplan is located in an elevated area with privileged views over the city of Tbilisi, in an area full contact with nature. A new concepto of urbanization with different types of housing and commercial areas and recreational linked to a golf club.


The total area is more than 1.850.000 m2, of which 818.000 are buildable. On this surface 46 plots over 2000 m2 dedicated to exclusive luxury detached houses of +1200 m2, with spectacular views of the city or located in the countryside, hundred luxury villas overlooking the city of the golf course with plots over 3500 m2 and 900 m2 houses, eighty hundred single-family homes overlooking the golf course plots over 2000 m2, 150 units of paired and two buildings housing block from 1 to 3 bedrooms, two types to suite the topography and location: vertical and cascading.


For this Masterplan have been designed four buildings in block units with 2 types of apartments with one to three bedrooms. Depending on your situation, there are two types of housing block: vertical houses and cascade houses.


We show you a block of flats 4 levels (ground floor, first floor, second floor and third floor) with an example of a type of 160 m2, three bedroom floor.



The property is placed at a level of 160 m2 useful with 40.5 m2 porch. The area is distributed in a hall, living room, kitchen, laundry room, a master bedroom with a bathroom and other two bedrooms sharing a bathroom.


This promotion of blocks have a vertical nature designed following a path of rectar and pure lines, achieving perfectly staggered geometric facades. These buildings are in a natural environment, so that the projection of these high rise housing provides privileged views of Tbilissi.

The blocks have walls where it is played with an inclination of planes reflected on the front facade (access). The outside porches surround the building blocks for their side to the rear, where they leave free space center to preserve the privacy of the different houses.

It is also a sculptural resource that gives contrast to the facade thanks to a different finish that breaks monochrome walls, accompanied by glass panels that appear to support levels on the rear facade.




This second type of plant has an area of 125 m2 distributed in hall, kitchen, living room, corridor to the bedrooms, two secondary bedrooms with shared bathroom and a master bedroom with bathroom. Outside these homes have a porch of 48 m2, 9 m2 terrace and a pool of around 20 m2.


These residential buildings “cascade” are located on a steep slope with spectacular views of the Georgian capital. The design reflects the intention to seize and embrace the landscape, offering unparalleled views of each of the houses.

Each has a terrace and private pool, which becomes the lower level porch. The sculptural facade design is based on a conceptualization of the rocky landscape of the place, whose stones are arranged in a staggered manner.

Windows, turned into continuous glass panels, connected inside the housing to the outside, causing within each of these levels have the feeling of living in an attic.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Espectacular, maravillosos edificios, Me gusta de forma especial la Planta tipo 02 con sus formas curvas que me encantan. Magnífico proyecto. Felicidades!!!

Comment from ACerocf

Que maravilla .. os tengo k felicitar

Comment from Entrenamiento en casa

Este tipo de casas con esos grandes jardines serían idóneos para montar un gimnasio tanto dentro como fuera. Increíble los diseños verticales y como se moldean con el terreno. Además esos grandes ventanales dejan pasar toda la iluminación que este tipo de casa necesitan.

Comment from Pesas.online

Me parece un idea bastante acertada con el estilo de la arquitectura que se quiere construir. Un proyecto de primera!

Comment from Que hacer en Lima

Hola mira descubri tu post soy de Lima Perú y todo lo que viene relacionado con arquitectura es bienvenido me gusta mucho el arte y espero implantarlo aqui 🙂