September 15th, 2009


A-cero, Joaquin Torres Architects designs a proposal for the art museum, Architecture and Design in the Norwegian capital.

The ideas contest was summoned by the department of culture of this Scandinavian country.

The building will be located in the area of Vestbanen, in a lot of the ancient railway station, in the port sector of Oslo.
In addition to the building in itself, and the cultural intention, there exists the need to change the urban scenery of the city modernizing his aspect and to recover an area traditionally industrially and at the same time to open to the sea.

The intention of A-cero for the design of this building, it is of creating a space that is not only an art container, but that also constitutes an interior connection – exterior, and that visually contributes a landscape progress in the urban framework in which it is located, already transforming the Vestbanen area of for himself degraded and little valued by the citizens.

The forms of the building arise from the relation with the environment formed by three curved pieces that receive the explanatory spaces, communicated between themselves for a central atrium that receives the exterior light. The connection is important between the public area and the structural block with open spaces and a big square that communicates between streets.

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Comment from Urbana

Que pasada de proyecto espero que os lo llevarais hacéis magia con todo lo que tocáis. Trabajo en la construcción y aprecio todo lo que hacéis. Saludos.

Comment from escorts barcelona

Me encanta que se integre en el entorno urbano.