May 22nd, 2017


The architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, show you the images of the proposed reform and interior designed for a flat in the north of Spain. The house is located in a 3rd floor of a residential building with a total area of approximately 250m2.



It aims for an interior design characterized by the modern design of A-cero. Open spaces and continuous living room, kitchen and a small laundry are created. The day stays are designed as the central point in the building where there is access to the bedrooms and bathrooms, completely freeing the area day and night.

It aims for the absolute white with a contrasting black, gray or brighht color such as red. The living room is set up as a large, open area whre there are no barriers to total space. We chose a linear led lighting and white lacquered furniture.

Occupying the entire side, a large window with access to the terrace. This window allows full entry of natural light to add more light if it fits the style total white laying bet on this proposal.

The white color gives a sense of spaciousness to any room, all accented by lightt, both artificial and natural, takes us to a place of comfort and tranquiliity throughout the house.

The master bedroom also has white as the predominant color, however, we wanted to place a large headboard consists of a picture in reds, original work of Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This creates a contrast with white highlights each pieces and part of the furniture and the whole.

The bedroom suite has a largee dressing room, with plenty of cabinets. Again we return to see how the white gives us the latitude to stay like this, intensified by the natural light coming through a window.

The bathroom in white, accentuating the feeling of cleeanlinesss and comfort with floor platform in light gray. The glass partition “expands” the total space of the room.

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Comment from reformas10

¡Espectacular! Solo hay que observar el antes y el después.
Con esta nueva reforma integral se puede apreciar un estilo moderno y sofisticado.

Comment from Home Studio

Great job, I am very satisfied, they worked great. Now is our professional recording studio.
Thanks Joaquin and Rafael.

Comment from santa hildegarda

Menudo cambio! muy bien elegido el blanco como color principal de las estancias! da mucha iluminación a toda la casa!

Amo el color blanco en todos los espacios, da la sensación de limpieza, lujo y amplitud.

El color blanco le da una gran armonía a todas las estancias de la casa. Me ha encantado el diseño.