April 25th, 2014

San Pedro de Alcántara Boulevard by A-cero

The architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents a project for the recovery and conditioning of the boulevard of San Pedro de Alcántara, exposed to the public since yesterday with the various proposals in the cultural center of the Square freedom. We hope you like, especially the residents of San Pedro de Alcántara and Marbella.



The recovery and refurbishment project of this boulevard, seeks urban integration of new spaces in the Crossing San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga.



Project characterized by a powerful image set (both performance scale as by aesthetics), we stopped in the detailed work of the many spaces along the entire boulevard are generatedfleeing from the repetition of spatial perceptions.

Each section reflects some peculiarities that make it unique, avoiding monotony of tours, atmospheres and sensations, creating a neat and very dynamic tone.


The concept of the project is to translate the sensations of the sea into the city, creating forms assimilating the wind, the waves and the sand. The sinuous movement of water and wind of the water and wind becomes the main configurators of the coastal landscape. The lines of the composition was inspired by the artist’s restless strokes Pablo Picasso, forming a puzzle of silhouettes which seem to blend between them.

A canvas of cluttered appearance but with a serious study of function, form, color, texture, routes and meeting points, where architectural and natural elements blend into a harmonious whole of solids and voids, decks and vegetable screens, sheets of water and changing pavements. These concepts and forms are the starting point of the proposal.


It is understood the boulevard designed as a street circuit connection of the two parts of the city. It is expected that there is a bike path that continuity to existing section and that dowry sports-leisure use the path. This walk becomes a new public space with a design of interconnected pathways at different levels and pergolas as sculptural reference. Two fringes are also expected to cover the needs perimeter parking area, green areas to cushion the effect of road traffic pollutant surrounding, nodes in which all the synergies of the boulevard and sculptural pieces as the focal point of the main roads in the area.


Along the boulevard numbers we find areas dedicated to different uses such as: parking in battery, multi track, synthetic ice skating pistade, relaxation areas, terrace-bar, interactive terminal, pétanque playground, skate park, biosaludable area, backbone trunks, trampolines area, children’s play area for children under 2 years, bike lanes, parking online source of recreation, children’s play area between 5 and 12 years, water slides, area networks, lounge area with hammocks, amphitheater, children’s education circuit, area and topography estancial Tennis games.


Along the boulevard are projected a series of pergolas, that underpin the whole longitudinally. Made of painted metal pipes, characterized by sinuous, organic forms, simulating in and out of the ground along the curved shapes and dynamics of the project.


Located in the east of the complex, in an internal dimension to other platforms which promotes the design of the bleachers. Its clean and sculptural forms favor its seamless integration into the overall design. Located in this point to enjoy the sea view.

Sculpture-Source recreational

In the middle of the boulevard, inscribed in the rotunda that separates the two wefts together, there is a sculpture-fountain as a milestone in the intervention, with a predominance of curved lines and establishing a dialogue with the rest of the surrounding elements.

Terrace Bar

The other type of construction in mind here are the bar terraces, arranged two in western area and one in east area. It advocates a volumetric curve steeper and integrated into the rest of the set.

Along the project also raises numerous areas sinuous verses following the preset zones, aquatic inspiration, representing the perfect complement for fusion of architectural and natural elements.


In the integration of new spaces within the crossing distinguish two sections separated by a rotunda housing a predominantly sculptural shapes curves, this figure mana, water distributed to form a sheet of water, making the whole line follow other intervention.


The first stretch is greater in surface harboring therefore the majority of the functions. In him we locate the entertainment and dining areas, an amphitheater, a large area for sports activities for adults, a children’s area, large gardens, walking areas and rest half covered.

Rotunda from South

East stretch Ride

Children zone



The second tranche of intervention is lower, so it is aimed mainly for recreation and rest areas, landscaped areas, semicubiertos rides and a small area with kiosks devoted to leisure and catering. In this stretch we locate as singular an amphitheater space, multiplying the number of activities that can be done.

Rotunda from North

Extreme West

Market Zone

Ride West zone

Pergola ride


Finally, all proposals submitted for the work of the boulevard will be publicly exposed at the Cultural Center of the Freedom Square of San Pedro de Alcántara. We invite you to contemplate and share your reviews.

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Comment from A-cerocf club de fans de A-cero

Estupenda propuesta, muy bonitas las pérgolas el anfiteatro , todo en su conjunto. Enhorabuena

Comment from Melga3D

Me encanta… mis felicitaciones al departamento de infografía. Feliz Lunes 🙂

Comment from Alberto

Buen trabajo, en la infografía del anfiteatro me ha recordado mucho al pabellón Porsche de Henn.

Comment from TERESA

Tiene muy buena pinta, pero ¿llegara a ejecutarse?

Comment from Andrés

El boulevard devería de estar unido en su totalidad por medio de puentes, que conecten la rotonda central con las diferentes partes del complejo.

Comment from ITE Huesca

Buenos croquis, y mejor infografía. Gusta mucho y llama la atención.

Comment from Licencia de actividad

UN proyecto de obras exclusivo. Un trabajo muy estudiado y de valor.