May 26th, 2012

Constructive process of our Showroom A-cero IN

Today we show you the constructive process of our Showroom A-cero IN, located in Castelló street 66, Madrid.

It counts with a 697 m2 surface, with two levels, low and high floor.



We created this innovative space closely connected to the A-cero aesthetic. Curved lines and huge spaces are the main characteristics of the design and all zones are adecuated to the products exposed.

A-cero In has two levels, planned with the objective of achieving the main role to the pieces exposed in each space. The entrance is in the low floor, where a hall  gives access through stairs to the reception and furniture. On the opposite side we find a zone reserved for the workers, three baths and one storage.


The upstairs is an exhibition zone.



Joaquín Torres upgrades the interior design department and offers the possibility of create A-cero spaces without order a gobal project and, in this way, has a little part of A-cero in your house. The intention consists on making an space for the art where you can see and buy the A-cero products and a selection of novice artist works, antiques, books, Joaquín Torres draws and music too. It’s a reference in Madrid for those that love design and art and feel the experience of the A-cero atmosphere.

A-cero IN exposes the furniture collection, from chairs, sofas or seats with different designs and finish with first quality covers and multiple options of colors for each piece will adecuate to all spaces. Design and quality go together with the confort. You can find a big collection of tables, for center or  dining room, with curious forms and different materials as wood, steel, glass or alabaster, this last one retroluminated.

There are three kitchen models with the A-cero touch in laquered finish, shelvings with organic forms, bedrooms with beds, little table and sideboards, carpets made of silk with size and form customized, illumination, and advanced audiovisual systems. An art compilation, books, decoration objects and antiques selection.

Each piece gives a sensibility obtained for the continuous art inspiration. The content and expositive part of this showroom makes the introduction of the customer into the A-cero world.

The universe designed and selected by Joaquín Torres and his team in A-cero IN at Castelló 66.

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