June 6th, 2017


Today we present a project of Sako Architects studio and the design team formed by Keiichiro Sako, Ariyo Mogami y Ken-ichi Kurimoto. It is a project of 2009 which is located in Beijing (China) and has an approximate area of 4,800 m2.

In the words of the architects, the new ‘Pixel’ concept of comprehensive renovation is applied in the Modelhouse, a residential high-rise building, which is shaped to be a sales center in Beijing.

The ‘Pixel’ concept of flexibility is applied in many parts, both internal and external decoration. Even the ceiling is illuminated to make the same impact, but this time covered facilities of the same type.

The appearance was formed and accumulated many separate tubes, consists of four types of “pipes”: white, light gray, dark gray and blac,. Superimposed and accumulated in order to produce a sense of protrusion.

It is a very important part of the sales center because it is used as the center of the project, including the negotiating room, rooms, etc. The hall plans to get a feel of dynamic to match the negotiating room space.

The interior decoration developed the concept of “cell”. The wall accumulates bright wooden boxes in different lengths. The roof is created 400×400 m2 equipment droped tubular lights. Its borders are made of paper. Then the floor is part of the indoor and the outdoor landscape inside.

Source: Plataforma Arquitectura

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Comment from petauro

Muy bonito y elegante el proyecto.

Comment from propiedad CSS Overflow

Excelente todo el proyecto sin dudas!

Comment from Dieta Keto

muy chulo

Interesante sin duda alguna el estilo que muestras, me ha encantado. Da gusto ver hoy en día arquitectos con tanto estilo.

Comment from Casas con Contenedores

Alucinantes estas construcciones, parecen un poco a las casas en contenedores que ya he visto en muchos sitios, pero estas lógicamente tienen un toque realmente encantador.
Muchas gracias por hacer que soñemos que con tan hermosos construcciones.

Comment from Casas inteligentes

Muy buen blog, creo que se puede expandir la info ene sta otra web