April 25th, 2016


These weeks, from A-cero we have presented a project for an exclusive residential complex located in Barcelona. The proposal stems from the dialogue between territory and design, search for mmaximum integration in the environment of a modern and Mediterranean architecture that is implanted in the plot looking for the best viws and the best orientation for each  residential unit. Today we show you one which finally was refused.

The project consists of three houses designed with a similar functional organization. In  this promotion premium luxury, design and respect for the environment. Today we show you the third proposal. The houses have the same distribution among them.



A-cero Projects

On the facade we proposed noble and top quality materials such as stone, concrete, wood and black glass, creating an organic whole that blends with the environment. Even vegetation is incorpoored in the architecture such as covered balconies. Here we use green marble.

A-cero Projects

The house has a floor area of about 995 mm2, distributed in basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and terrace and pool area. In the basement we found the stairs, a lift, a storage room, gym, massage room, bathroom, laundry, garage and bathroom facilities.

A-cero Projects

On the ground floor, the hall which gives access to housing, connects the living area with four bedrooms with bathrooms. All these rooms open to the plot through large windows that allow great light to enter.

A-cero Projects

On the first floor stairs and elevator, master bedroom with two bathrooms and dressing rooms and an outdoor terrace with jacuzzi. The second floor is dedicated to daily zones with kitchen and the deck terrace with swiming pool.

Outside there is a pool area of approximately 112 m2. This area is particularly important vegetation that blends with the architecture and the environment, creating a space for relaxation and comfort.

A-cero Projects

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Comment from ACerocf

Propuesta muy orgánica. Me gustan mucho esas formas

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Una preciosidad, me gusta mucho más esta propuesta, que lindo diseño me encanta. Felicidades Besos!!!

Comment from Irrigador Dental

¡Que maravilla!

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Me encanta!!

es fantástico! felicidades!