June 29th, 2013

New interior images of the A-cero Tech twin houses in Mallorca

Today the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents new interior images of two twin customized A-cero Tech houses , of 157,85 m2, located in Mallorca

You can see more details about the design and layout by clicking on the image below.

We also leave you this link with the exterior images of these A-cero Tech houses.


Inside we find a seating area designed and executed by A-cero In, having offered to the property a complete turn-key product on a short deadline.

The kitchen and living-dining room communicate to the garden through a porch, that we see through the large windows of the house, that let in natural light to the interior.

The kitchen furniture has a glossy lacquered wood finish in black. For this stay, A-cero Tech includes various elements and, an alternative more complete kitchen with all appliances incorporated in this case.

The bedrooms have cupboards in line with the wall and large windows that allow you enjoy the wonderful views of the island.

For the bathroom, A-cero offers a set of sanitary ad-hoc design with the style and philosophy of an A-cero Tech house. Our architecture studio provides a range of functional and trendy fittings in accordance with the concept of A-cero Tech and high range.

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Comment from Ladislao Biro

Las construcciones de A-cero Tech no están mal pero en general suelen ofrecer espacios demasiado angostos.

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Están Preciosas!!!

Comment from Arquitecto Zaragoza

Me gusta. Angostos los espacios con tanto cristal no me resultan, pero si un poco raro el tema de la privacidad de los dormitorios..

Comment from Miguel Barceló

Las he visto ( interior y exterior).
Magníficas. Mejor en vivo que en foto.

Es una vivienda muy bonita. LA estructura y el diseño moderno son los que más me gustan.