July 30th, 2013

New interior design proposal for the private areas of the A-cero home in Sevilla

The architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents a new interior design project for a single family house in Seville. In today’s post we will show you the designs for the private areas of this home.




The lounge on the first floor is finished in a combination of white and gray and has a direct lighting found in the lights in the ceiling and in the floor lamp.

In the gray wall we arranged the TV in line with the wall, under which we see a wood finished showcase. In front of this wall and on the modular L-shaped sofa  we can see a painting in pinks, marking the horizontality of it.




For this first guest bedroom we opt for a finish that combines different shades of gray and white. The illumination is direct in the ceiling spotlights and indirect in the two cavities, the one in the ceiling, and in the wall opening, which also fulfills a storage function.

Emphasizes the wide bed, which sits on an ecru structure, from which emerges a flown nightstand in the same color. On the opposite side we can appreciate a desk that emerges from the wall and which continues to the end of the wall.




For this bedroom, finished in a combination of dark gray and white, we opt for a Capri ecru bed and two bedside tables in black on which we see light spheres. We can again locate a false ceiling that provides indirect lighting to the headboard area, and a set of glass hanging lamps by the large window that fills the room with natural light. At the foot of the bed are located two white poufs of Mies Van der Rohe.




The master bedroom is characterized by its finish, combining white with several gray panels, starting at the ground to extend to the ceiling.

In this first picture we see a small seating area where we find a sofa and two chairs finished in white and a glass coffee table.

The lighting is found indirectly in light spheres on the side tables and in spotlights in the ceiling, but the more light comes from the two large windows.

On the other hand, a bed area in which we see the bed and a dresser in front of it black. On this we also see the television, which is in line with the wall.

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Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Jolines son preciosos todos los dormitorios. Felicidades

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Está bien todo pero me quedo con el “dormitorio principal” con eses paneles en gris está Ideal. bonito interiorismo!!!

Comment from Calderas de Bajo Nox

Los colores grises y blancos, dan un toque de sobriedad a la casa. La verdad es que el diseño es innmejorable, cada día me gusta más esta web.

Comment from auditoria energetica

Qué maravilla, me encanta.