September 26th, 2012

New collection Spirit II, designed by A-cero to Porcelanosa

Since some months ago the architecture studio A-cero and L’Antic Colonial have begun to work together again on expanding a key collection for the Porcelanosa Group. New complements to keep the bases of the Spirit collection where vertical lines play a main role. That’s how A-cero has been able to adapt elements in smaller spaces.


In the process of production, the Spirit II collection consists of a sink and a mirror, three models of furniture and two options for tiling, Mosaico Spirit II y Revestimiento Spirit II. Furthermore, the design of the furniture pieces allows  different options in order to suit in every room.


The new modules are designed with a dominant vertical axis so that you do not need a large space in the bathroom for installation. It is a furniture with straight lines, trapezoidal shape and three drawers. The other cabinet has a drawer and a surprising curved shape. The third element is a drawer in which the miter on all sides creates a square shape. Three different designs for a single idea, a living architectural curves and straight lines.


As with the design of furniture, the Spirit II toilet is designed vertically, accentuated by the design of the mirror. This is a suspended sink made ​​of A-cero Dark marble and or A-cero Gloss limestone, depending on the model, in which the water area is shaped like a cube and ends with a curve.


Two models are created to complete the Spirit II collection as a tiling. The first, a new mosaic in which the dimensions, volumes and materials (white marble and black marble) are of great importance in their mess-ordered. The second, available in Dark A-cero marble and A-cero Gloss limestone, is conceived as a veneer with pieces of 40 x 80 cm in straight lines.


Soon we will show this new collection finished!

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Observo que existe una diferencia entre alturas de la colocacion del grifo entre las fotos, en la mas general y primera lo veo mejor colocado pues tiene mas altura para poder meter las manos que en la foto ampliada con el grifo en “L”invertida…. A mi me gusta y tambien la cajonera.

Comment from amor poligonero

Elegancia, calidad, funcionalidad…
Enhorabuena a Porcelanosa por haber escogido a A-cero.

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Unos diseños de gran belleza. elegancia y funcionalidad, los revestimientos muy bonitos…enhorabuena!!!

Comment from TARIFAS ERROR

Profesionalidad por las 4 esquinas

Comment from Cocinas Sevilla

Una gran selección de losas para decorar cualquier espacio del hogar desde cuartos de baños, hasta frentes de cocina. Los mosaicos formados juegan con el resto de ambientes. Un lujo teneros como inspiración para nuestros muebles de cocina.