May 30th, 2017


Today we want to show you Naoshima Hall by Hiroshi Sambuichi architects. Naoshima Hall is a great place for anyone who is a fan of great aesthetics. The hall itself can be used for multiple purposes, as well as to showcase local culture.

The architect researched the weather conditions of the area to make sure the building would be able to withstand all conditions. The combination of tradition and modernity you can find here is very special.

Entering the main hall, the first thing that catches the eye is the white ceiling. It is covered in white plaster, a material traditionally used in Japan for coating castles and storehouses.

Its smooth surfaces allows for optimal airflow, helps regulating humidity, and naturally diffuses light throughout the entire structure. The ceiling was hand-trowelled by a team of highly-skilled plaster craftsmen. Creating a perfectly smooth surface on such a large area showcases their mastery.

The floor is made of fragrant Japanese cypress. Air circulating below the floor enters the hall through the lattice cut out at the edges of the flooring and flows up towards the skylight opening. Even when the window in this ceiling opening is closed air continues to circulate, as if the building itself was breathing.

The roof is derived from local architecture, while the hole in the gable captures the wind from the south.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Bonito y original proyecto. Me encanta!!!

Comment from Pepe Gil

Espectacular hall señores, muchísimas felicidades, os vais superando.

Comment from peluquerias madrid

Me encanta el toque moderno pero conservador de la típica casa Japonesa triangular, muy bonito.

Comment from arquitecto zaragoza

Maravillosos espacios!

Comment from Roberto Fernández

Me interesa muchísimo esta idea y me fascinan sus acabados. Un saludo.

Comment from Ela

Un trabajo de obra de arte!

Increible trabajo, cada día me sorprende más este profesional.

Comment from Piel grasa

Que bonito lugar,me encanta este diseño ojala algún dia pueda visitarlo.

Comment from blanqueamiento dental

Wow! Es un hermoso lugar

El estilo nipón, es un clásico de toda nuestra historia. Aunque a mí, personalmente, no me hace mucha ilusión, debo decir que los cerramientos de exterior se pueden combinar de una manera perfecta.

Comment from Extintores Madrid

Gracias por el aporte, nos da una idea del trabajo realizado.

Comment from Joseph

I love Japanese architecture, they know how to use spaces like nobody else. Congratulations for the post.

Muy chula esa arquitectura, me encantan esos diseños angulares.