March 23rd, 2010

“Honor mention” for A-cero in Brazil

A-cero architecture studio, managed by Mr. Joaquin Torres, has achieved the third place in an international competition. The contest’s object was the rehabilitation of a 2.300 km street in Sau Paulo (Brazil).

The A-cero´s work is a dynamic and modern proposal. All of  its components desing varies from the beguining to to the end of the avenue. It changes also with the arrived of the different seasons, in order to create a clear and recognizable street.

A-cero has created a street with more areas for walking and shopping than for driving. Furthermore, A-cero has given the lead role to the urban furniture: lampposts, window boxes, banks, wastebaskets …These elements have contemporary and functional designs that invite you to walk down the  street.

The Frei Caneca´s urban elements have curve and soft lines. They have been designed according to the sinuous lines found along the street. These shapes are references to the typical Portuguese architecture with blue mosaics.

On the other hand, A-cero has proposed a landscape made of previous and new plants. A-cero has add new indigenous species in order to improve the colours and the shade in the street.

The competition has been organized by the Brazil Architects’ Institute and the Association GLS Casarao Brazil. 31 architecture studios have taken part in it after passing a previous selection. The Spanish architects FMC won the first prize. The second award has been given to the Brazilian team made up of the architects Marco Forti, Bruno Layus, Neili Farias and Úrsula Troncos.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me ha mpresionado el diseño y el estilo Vanguardista innovador de esta calle de Brasil…es una Chulada y el Premio otorgado más que merecido…felicidades…Un saludo

Enhorabuena! El diseño es espectacular.

Muy merecido!