November 7th, 2010

Mathias Klotz, Latin America modernity

 Today we would like to introduce you Mathias Klotz (Chile, 1964), one the best current architects of Latin America. This professional establishes his own architecture studio in Santiago de Chile in 1991 just when he got his degree in the Catholic University of Chile.

Since then, Klotz has been making an important architecture career full of projects and awards. Nowadays he is a renowned architect in the worldwide and his works can be found in Asia, Europe and America.  

He has designed public buildings and stores, but his most important edifices are single-family houses. These residential works show the outstanding Kloft´s skills as architect.  

His work stands out for including every key characteristic of modern architecture:  simple geometry, resounding volumes, subtle lines, defined shapes, etc.  

These features are in his first constructions as “ Kloft House” (Chile, 1991).

This is a holiday house created more as a shelter than a home for living during long stays.

Roofs are a reason of horizontal expression and a way of standing out purity in Kloft´s projects.  An example is “Eleven Women House” (2007), a building located just in the slope of a sandy area near Santiago de Chile.  

Kloft´s architecture evidence a simple work with complexes or genius ambitions. His style is fur away of star-buildings. “The best architecture is the most unnoticed”, Mathias Klotz says.  


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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me gusta lo que hace este hombre, Atrevido y Moderno dos cosas que yo Admiro y a la vez Hermosos trabajos!! Besos.

Comment from lola villamor

la primera fotografia que es espectacular, se realizo en la construccion de la penuntima foto. el señor klotz es un visionario, sus construcciones son limpias y funcionales, un poco impersonales, diria yo, pero geniales. imagino sus viviendas valdran de miodelo para las construcciones de un futuro no muy lejano. creo que para la gente joven es todo un ejemplo a seguir, tendra muchos discipulos

Comment from Antonio Guerrero Montañés

Otro que apunta para ser un grande, poco valorado, pero para mi es uno de los pocos que guardan la esencia de la Bauhaus. Aun es joven, esperemos que siga deleitandonos con su sencillez. Gracias a A-cero por mostrar este maravilloso mundo de la arquitectura.

Comment from Joaquín Torres

Gracias a ti Antonio por tu apoyo…
Gracias también a Esther y a Lola.