March 28th, 2013



Yesterday afternoon in the TV show Sálvame a celebrity’s house was shown in order to receive some tips from Joaquín about the interior design, that we show below.



For the living room we have decided to keep the paintings and  the bullfighting  trophies.

We have changed one of the original shelves for a curve shelf CESC model and the other shelf by the cupboard model SEN. We also moved the table for one made in glass, and chairs that have been introduced in black of the model KLEE. All furniture is available in our showroom A-cero in.

For the floor we have chosen to remove the old tiles in brown by a white floor.

The dining room has undergone a complete facelift. In this case the chimney has been rehabilitated by replacing the black bricks by lacquered wood continued through the roof, where the route is framed at the sides by LED lights and another linear light marking the path. For dining furniture we have opted for a table and chairs painted in black, on which we can see balls of A-cero in.

As anecdotal we have introduced a bullfighter dress and a cape.

The bedroom also has completely changed. The original white finish has been replaced by a combination of white and black. The headboard, vertical and made in wood, has a length-to-ceiling and houses a Mercedes Rodiguez painting. The side tables, with Light spheres, is painted in gray, like the headboard .

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Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Me gusta vuestra propuesta… Pero mejor sin cabezas de toro….felicidades

Comment from Jesús

Aunque el ambiente mejora un poco, no pega nada con la folisofía de a-cero. Es más, la destruye con una mala faena. Pero creo que en esas condiciones poco se puede hacer.

Comment from Zaha

Hola Joaquin, Soy Zaha, me preguntaba tras ver tus proyectos…si yo te copio a ti, o tu me copias a mi? A ver si tu me lo aclaras para verlo con mi equipo de abogados y demandarte o rezar para que no me demandes…

Comment from Anonymous

un poco forzado….

Comment from Sergio

que mal

Comment from Amanda

ZAHA, no creo que Joaquin Torres necesite copiarse de nadie asi que si lo que buscas es protagonismos este no es tu sitio, sobras.

Saludos, y por cierto, un proyecto interesante por la mezcla de estilos, a mi si me gusta, enhorabuena.