February 28th, 2013


The architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents the project of a single family house of over 400m2, that we showed you yesterday in Las Casas de Torres.

The lot where is placed the house adopts a trapezoid shape. The volume of the building sits on the hillside, developed on three levels: ground floor and first floor above the gradient, and the basement.



The different day areas and the guest bedrooms are situated on the ground floor, standing on the top floor the overnight areas and a study. The garage, storage rooms and facilities rooms are located in the basement.  Outside is the pool, attached to the house visually through a porch.






The house surfaces are treated to integrate into the landscape. The facades are clarified with the wrinkled surface of the mortar finish and the natural tones of the painting, that accompany the reflection of the surrounding landscape on the large glass panels.

The roofing disappears turning into a flat roof as a honest expression of the technological evolution of the construction process.

The use of contrast between black and white in the exterior facade gives advantage on the marking of the differents volumetries of the house.

The project seeks to reconcile the language of modern architecture with the fulfillment of the integration and aesthetic conditions of the planning regulations.


The game of white to black, a hallmark of the house, is tempered by the existence of other colors that emphasize the separation of spaces.

That is what happens with the red color fireplace that separates the dining room from the living room, rooms that at the same time plan with the black-white dichotomy, or the kitchen, where red is opposed to steel.

The living room is framed by the double height of white walls on which tips over the studio on the top floor, protected by a glass balustrade to stimulate the views and the passage of light.

In the kitchen the red color is also used, and aluminum in various finishes of furniture, breaking the hegemony of white and black.

In the master bedroom the white finish favors even more the lighting of this room, which has a large picture window offering magnificent views.

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Comment from Gabriela

Estas fotos son antes o despues del destrozo? Salió en el programa de supercasas.

Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

La verdad es que es muy coqueta esta casa. Felicidades

Comment from Fernando

400 m2 son muchos m2 y aquí no hay mas que 1 habitacion, estudio, salon y demás. Esta claro que es todo suuper amplio, pero yo en 400m2 hubiera hecho otro tipo de casa. Es de las pocas casas de A-Cero si no la única a la cuál no le encuentro casi encanto ninguno.
Obviamente ya la querría tener yo 😉

Comment from Alvaro

No me parece una casa de A-Cero. Lo siento. No me dice nada.

Comment from Gabriela

Alvaro esta casa ya tiene sus años, las que hacen ahora son mucho mejor porque el estudio ha evolucionado.

Comment from jose antonio

Si no recuerdo mal y sino k alguien me corrija era la antigua casa de Fonsi Nieto y Elsa Pataky o sea mira si hace años…

Comment from A2G

Me gustan los pilares que desaparecen de las fotos

Comment from maria

qué sistema, utiliza para proteger las habitaciones del sol?

Comment from Anonymous


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Comment from Liquidacion Portatiles

Pues es toda una casa