June 29th, 2012

Tehe gloriously A-cero exhibition ends ….

“Vivir en la arquitectura A-cero: Joaquín Torres y Rafael Llamazares exhibition” is the result of the effort and hope along lots of week working very hard. We hope that you enjoy, at least, like us projecting it.

“Vivir en la arquitectura” is the name of the exhibition that shows the reference, on the one hand, the great A-cero contribution to the creation of properties and, on the other hand, the bet on the architectural intentions and the important presence on the common life. A philosophy that we’ve developed in an unique and recognised style in the construction of private properties, as well as interior design and other typologies.

The human team, led by Joaquín Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, has been growing up also internationally, developing its activity along Europe (Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary…), the north of Africa and UAE.

The purpose of this exposition is to introduce the visitor into the A-cero universe using the different rooms of a property for showing the specialized areas of the architecture studio. The first room shows the creative process where the visitor will know the way of working on A-cero studio with the creation phases of all the designed pieces, always starting from the esculptural form, the model and finally the concepts by Joaquín Torres in order to begin the final proyect. The expo counts with 800 m2, but 250 m2 are dedicated to a loft type property.

There are three areas. The first one, the prologue and access, explains how A-cero was born, the creative process, the studio status and the line that A-cero has followed for understand the next parts. The second, suposes entering in the A-cero architecture with the help of a real size property. The last one is full of the best projects desined by A-cero. Panels, models and videos complemented by lots of information about A-cero’s present and future: The A-cero Tech architecture system.

Remeber that you can download the free  A-cero App on AppStore.

Here you can buy the new A-cero book about this exhibition.

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Comment from Elisa

Que pena, me hubiera gustado volver a ir.
Espero poder veros en otra muy pronto, puesto que me encanta vuestro trabajo!!!

Comment from Jose Antonio

Me hubiera encantado ir. Y sobre todo una visita guiada con Don Joaquín.
Espero que en una de las ocasiones que enseñe el estudio o cualquier obra me invitéis.
Un abrazo

Comment from Mario Ortega Pascual

Me encantó. Hice por ir desde el primer momento, pero por distintos motivos la visita se hizo esperar. Hasta el pasado Domingo 24 en torno a las 18:00 no pude asistir. Finalmente pude deleitarme con esta magnifica exposición durante sus dos últimas horas. Un verdadero placer. Enhorabuena por vuestra trayectoria.

Comment from DG Arquitecto

Una forma interesante de acercar la arquitectura a todo el mundo de una forma fácil de entender no solo para arquitectos.

Comment from Joaquin Torres

Muchas gracias a todos…