April 29th, 2012

A-cero’s Spline collection presented in the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt

Many weeks ago we presented you the new illumination line designed by A-cero for the prestigious luminarious brand Arturo Álvarez, the Spline collection. Between 15th and 20th of this month, the new A-cero designs have traveled to Frankfurt for their exhibition in the biennal fair Light+Building, meeting point of international reference for the proffesionals who want to be informed abot the last advances in design, technology and vanguard innovation. It’s necessary to remember the concept and the master lines of the two models.


The name of these two models are Spline 190 and Spline 45-50. The numbers mean the measures of the lamps, the floor and the top one. Talking about the name of the collection “Spline”, it’s because the cracks of the design and the draw of the pencil over the paper. The light is projected in an atractive and indirect way, runs all the piece and appears from the folds, making impossible to see its origin.

SPLINE 45-50


The exhibition presents a multisectorial offer with variety and internationality, as the answer to the incoming demand of integrated sytems for an energetic save for the buildings. The public and private proffesionals from everywhere in the world that interact with the conception, planning and management of buildings; contracting, inversions; architects, engineers; and installers; designers: interior designers; project managers, commercialism, disributors etc. Almost 2.200 exhibitors from 50 countries with 18.000 german and foreign visitors took part in Light+Building 2012.

The first model is a floor lamp of 1,90 cms of height with rubbery finish and a soft touch. During the creative process, A-cero wanted to give a sign, the rythmical and articulated movement of the pencil on the paper. It’s a line with its own personality, very interesting, playing with the rest of the elements around.

The elements of this collection have a rubbery finish and a soft touch, and the elements count with a metal estructure with a silicone finish. Depending on the aspect of the silicone and the composition, it’s possible to add ceramic reflex (white mica)

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Comment from MARTÍN

Pues escribo que me gusta ese estilo de diseño.
Saludos a Mª Esther Rodríguez y al equipo A-cero.

Comment from Gabi

MUY bonitas. Qué maravilla de diseño.

Comment from mercedes

Una gran idea, una de las palabras que te vienen al disfrutar de los proyectos de A-cero es “luz”. Las lámparas son una maravilla.

Comment from charoj

Grandes diseños para decorar el interior… muy buen trabajo.

Qué preciosidad. Tienen mucha personalidad.