December 29th, 2016


Today we present the twenty four of a series of post we are going to do during the coming weeks. A-cero always bet on young talents. We are going to have in A-cero in unique and exclusive creations of young artists in various different fields. You have the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of design devised by young talents who seek to express their creativity and a new way of seeing the world.


photoAlquimia is a Spanish design studio, working on the development of exhibition design projects, events and product. Co-founded in 2007 by illustrator, drawer, director of animated filsm, and designer Pilar Balsalobre, and biologist, photographer and designer Carlos Jimenez. Our working philosophy is based on the use of very simple concepts, endowed with great conceptual load, finishing and integrating the different messages to the minutest detail.


Natura Imitatis is a collection of designs inspired by nature and are charged with a special kind of energy that transforms them into live objects with an enchanting story to tell. A story that says something more than meets the eye. These soulful objects are made for those who feel the need to reconnect with nature, beauty and restore humane values.




Ajorí is part of this collection and has been created by skilled craftsmen who use natural materials. All pieces are recyclable and respectful with our environment.



Ajorí is a creative solution for organize and store seasonings, spices and various culinary condiments, inspired by the elegant form of the bulb of garlic. This kitchen accessory holds six containers, designed to contain different products used for the seasoning of several dishes, adapting to the different culinary traditions of each country.



The packaging is inspired by the sking of garlic and only natural and biodegradable materials are used for manufacturing.



Its elegant organic design, make it a sculptural piece, resulting of an excellent ornament to reflect and a conversation starter around a table, not to mention that by its garlic shape, it can be an excellent protector of our home or business against bad vibrations.





Soytun is a ceramic piece designed for the increasingly common tasting of the various forms of presentation of raw fish such as sashimi, sushi, tartar, etc.




This design serves to contain soy sauce, also has a place for spicy mustard (wasabi) and finally has a part to let chopsticks when they are not used.



For its manufacture, we use enamelled stoneware, attached to a painstaking craft production. In the area of the base, each soytun is signed and numbered by hand.



The packaging design is inspired by the ancient cardboard boxes of natural history museums, which in Victorian times were used to contain the zoological and botanical specimens collected in the various scientific expeditions. The gift box is made entirely of recycled cardboard, making it a singular example of eco-packaging, fully respectful with the environment.




You can find a selection of photoAlquimia in A-cero in. Visit us in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street number 2 – corner San Bernardo street.

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Me encantan las salseras es una gran colección.

Me gustan muchos ojala pueda pasarme por la tienda

Me ha encantado lo del ajo.

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Me encantan las salseras es una gran colección.

Muy buenas. Soy fan del ajo asique me quedo con esa. Excelentes talentos encontrados.

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Me encantan las figuras Funko Pop, sin duda lo mejor de esto. Podrás comprar en esta web los muñecos Pop que más te gusten.