December 22nd, 2016


Today we present the twenty three of a series of post we are going to do during the coming weeks. A-cero always bet on young talents. We are going to have in A-cero in unique and exclusive creations of young artists in various different fields. You have the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of design devised by young talents who seek to express their creativity and a new way of seeing the world.

Tania Prego, José de Eiros, Antía Carbajo and Adrián Gómez, four friends who met at the school were they formed as designers, create in 2013 Fíos, a line of pufs based on limited edition series, al made up of recycled materials, by hand, with a great variety of tones, combinations and measures.


Fíos is the conjunction of form and color elevated to its maximum power. Strength, presence and functionality define the concept of its design. Pieces for a comfortable and informal rest with character and personality that encompass and endless possibilities, worked from the detail with threads that cover its structure and with an attractive simplicity that leave no room for indifference. Fíos is a desing inspired by color.


The word fíos means threads in galician. This is the concept of the product, a large ball of fires of different colors. The structure consists of a nucleus totally covered by hundreds of turns of fíos of diverse colors.


The material used is strips of recycled cloth, being a product that attends to sustainability. The colors of the pufs are chosen by the customer, there being a great variety of shades of each color. Up to ten different tones can be chosen to achieve the perfect combination.


The pufs are made in two basic sizes, one small (40×30 cm) and one large (60×40 cm). Dimensions may vary by customer. From 245€.


Each puf is made by hand, completely handmade. The top layers are sewn by our upholsterers, with high quality yarn and double sewn safety.


Passion is the reason why these guys started this project. They like what they do and believe that the world needs people who love what they do. Illusion always accompanies them. It is what has kept the force alive to fight for their dreams.


The dedication, the effort and the perseverance, have been the factors that by now and after several years, continue with this project.


You can find a selection of Fíos collection in A-cero in. Visit us in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street number 2 – corner San Bernardo street.

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