May 18th, 2017


Today we present the forty four of a series of post we are going to do during the coming weeks. A-cero always bet on young talents. We are going to have in A-cero in unique and exclusive creations of young artists in various different fields. You have the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of design devised by young talents who seek to express their creativity and a new way of seeing the world.

Extraterrarium (9)

Elisa Chía (Madrid, 1982). After living a stay in London and San Francisco and soaking in the floriculture that lives in these cities decides in 2013 to give a change to her life beginning her studies in the Spanish Union of Floral Art training in Madrid. After several trips, studies and courses to expand her knowledge, she returns to Madrid determined to begin her personal project.

Extraterrarium (8)

In the absence of the appropriate containers where to make their terrariums begins to learn the technique of glass cutting and welding creating geometric figures where to locate the plants. Because their main interest is to create terrariums with healty plants and a high aesthetic sense performs holes in the base of their crests so that plants live and develop in the best possible way.

Extraterrarium (1)

Extraterrarium (2)

Extraterrarium is a dream. Nature in continuous growth. It is to love the little things, the details.

Extraterrarium (3)

Cactus, succulents and plants taken from almost another planet in pure geometry. Based in Madrid, Extraterrarium makes unique pieces with 100% handmade techniques. They choose carefully each of their plants and prepare different substrates to measure depending on the needs of each species.

Extraterrarium (4)

Extraterrarium (5)

In addition to following a clear aesthetic line they have drainage holes, thus ensuring that one the irrigation has been done, the surplus water can be expelled. They work mainly with succulents, cacti and aerial varieties. Very resistant plants, with great adaptability to the environment.

Extraterrarium (6)

Extraterrarium (7)

They have different types of extraterrarium: glass, brass, wood. With different geometric shapes, complete or empty. For every taste.

Extraterrarium (10)

You can find a selection of Extraterrarium in A-cero in. Visit us in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street number 2 – corner San Bernardo street.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Unos artículos bellísimos, me encantan!!!

Comment from Llueve22

Sin duda la sección que más me gusta es la de los jóvenes talentos de a-cero porque se ven cosas espectaculares.

Un saludo.

Comment from chat travestis

Unos diseños muy originales, me han fascinado

Comment from Viking Customs Brokers

Increíble los diseños

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Me encantan sus diseños, me gustaría ver una peluquería con este estilo 😀

increibles artículos

Gran articulo, grandes productos.

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Si has llegado aquí te abures mucho 😀

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Gran trabajo!

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Buen artículo, bonitos productos.

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Me encanta este post. Yo también amo los productos y la gente que escribe sobre cocer alimentos. Saludos.

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Magnifico, le expreso toda mi admiración a estos diseños. Muy original.


Realmente el diseño es la clave de todo. EL vanguardismo siempre te hace estar dos pasos por delante. Lo mismo pasa con un buen curriculum. Felicidades por el post

Comment from Significado Tatuajes

Excelente post!