July 28th, 2016


Today we present the fifth of a series of post we are going to do during the coming weeks. A-cero always bet on young talents. We are going to have in A-cero in unique and exclusive creations of young artists in various different fields. You have the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of design devised by young talents who seek to express their creativity and a new way of seeing the world.

Dsnú is a design studio formed by Ana Martínez (architect) and David de Felipe (artist) born by creation combining knowledge of different techniques and traditional materials.


They look for eliminate the superfluous and accessory, focus on the essence of the materials generating beauty from their expressive qualities.

Dsnu (2)

price 28€

They like to create surprise pieces with emotion. In their own words, “We like the idea of combining the pure and rational geometric forms that provide more spontaneous expressiveness”.

Dsnu (4)

price 68€

The contrast between each other makes complement and enhance creating a balance. Elegance and simplicity are also fundamental concepts that are present when designing their designs.

Dsnu (10)

price 20€

All pieces are made by them through traditional process. Direct contact with the materials helps them meet the artistic possibilities of these and to have a deep relationship with the pieces, giving them a unique identity. The materials used are porcelain, metals and recently wood.

Dsnu (8)

price 52€

‘Fragmentos’ is their latest collection of jewelry. It consists of a series of pieces that combine the purity of the straight line and curve textures made from breakage and fragmentation of the porcelain.

Dsnu (12)

There is a game between rationality and spontaneity with the perfection of geometry and beauty brings by the imperfection.

Dsnu (11)

price 20€

Each jewel from Fragmentos collection is different because it contains the lines of a single horizon, a unique landscape in which its creators feel reflected.


You can find this and another jewels from Fragmentos collection by Dsnú in A-cero in. Visit us in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street number 2 – corner San Bernardo street.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Bonitos y originales artículos, me gustan!!!

Comment from Julio

Unos diseños preciosos !!

Comment from Laura Gómez Serra

Muy originales. Me encantan los diseños. Enhorabuena!

Comment from Pablo

Obra de unos genios.

Comment from Mari Cruz

Me encantan!! Me pasaré por la tienda.

Comment from Rodrigo de la fuente

Un trabajo excelente, pasaré a verlos personalmente.

Comment from Maria lopez

Muy buen trabajo…