June 29th, 2016


Today we present the first of a series of post we are going to do during the coming weeks. A-cero always bet on young talents. We are going to have in A-cero in unique and exclusive creations of young artists in various different fields. You have the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of design devised by young talents who seek to express their creativity and a new way of seeing the world.

A-cero Projects

Today we will show you the jewelry designf of Marta, a young architect and senior technician in jewelry, with his signature Fernandez de Lugo Jewelry joins the A-cero in space.

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

Price 85€

Fernandez de Lugo Jewelry incorporate resources from various disciplines artistic, adapting to the functional needs of a jewelry.

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

Price 85€

Geometry, overlapping planes, lights and shadow games, full and empty… are the main reasons that define each piece; the search for simplicity and minimalist and a conceptual aesthetics, the main hallmarks of the brand.

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

Price 53€

All parts are produced by hand, one by one, using traditional techniques of the trade to the requirements of each design.

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

Price 45€

Each model results in a limited number of parts and can be tailored, which guarantees certain exclusivity and customization of the jewel.

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

Price 65€

You can find these and other designs by Fernández de Lugo Jewelry in A-cero in. Visit us in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street number 2 (corner San Bernardo street).

Fdz de Lugo Joyería

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Comment from ACerocf

muy bonitos . Suerte a Marta

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Unos objetos preciosos, me gustan muchísimo. Felicidades!!!

Comment from Angely

Marta me alegro mucho.ya pasaré po r A cero

Comment from Raul gomez

Al igual que siempre os felicito por vuestras obras , esta vez estas joyas no me gustan nada, no las veo de vuestro estilo/nivel. Pero como todo, es cuestion de gustos. Suerte de todas formas 😀

Comment from Andres

Enhorabuena Marta Me gusta mucho lo que haces Donde está A cero ?

Comment from Mónica

Qué joyería tan diferente, me encanta!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from Mónica

Espectacularessss !!!!!!!

Comment from Lidia

Me encantan. A seguir asi

Comment from Los angeles

Un artículo estupendo

Comment from Apostille Los Angeles

Apostille in Los Angeles for documentation

Excelente post

Comment from Puzzles de Madera

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