October 10th, 2010

ICA, the sense of efficiency

This year is the ICA 10 anniversary, the architecture studio managed by the joung Spanish architects  Iñaqui Carnicero (1973), Ignacio Vila (1972) y Alejandro Virseda (1972).

Ten years of a really good career with plenty awards. Indeed, they received their first prize just when they had finished the University and established the studio. Since them until today these professionals have been getting more and more accolades. For example, an important prize is their project about the sport centre of the Complutense University (Madrid). 

Carnicero, Vila and Virseda know to choose the best architectural tools for each project and face to them with a very varied way according to each work needs. Sometimes they give the main role to materials; others times to the context, the project´s scale or another elements. However, the authors think that every architect must listen and to be related with the past of each place because each project will be part of the collective memory.

Their work includes public buildings, residential projects and single family houses.  Among their houses stands out “Pitch House” or “1+1=1 House” (2009). It is a volume that includes two single-family abodes. This project takes place in the outskirts of Madrid in a slope that looks to the South.

Their building for the Public Prosecutor´s Office of Madrid is a ICA important work too that they designed for a contest. This building looks like a huge, light clean and elegance lamp.

To conclude, we can say that ICA is a equilibrated architectural team with a deep sense of efficiency that is apparent in all their works.

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Comment from Miguel Oldán

Espectacular la Obra de Estos Arquitectos, una vez más encuentro Acertadisima vuestra Elección…Destaco el “Edificio Circular” de la últ ima foto, me parece Fantástico!!!! Buenisisima Elección!!..Un Abrazo.

Comment from Maria Esther Rodriguez Gómez

El Comentario anterior es Mio, estoy con el Ordenador de mi hijo Miguel y se me pasó poner mis Datos…Un Abrazo

Comment from inés

totalmente de acuerdo, pero no se mucho de este nuevo proyecto.. no obstante, creo que la casa 1+1=1 es abrumadoramente genial .. me quiere recordar algo a la casa Kessler muy en la linea del hormigon visto cada vez mas elegante, vidrio y hormigon, y luz y agua y acero.. a mi me enamora