May 9th, 2017


Today we show you the Eye Film institute by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in Amsterdam. It’s a cinema museum with exposition rooms and events.

As the architects says, film is an illusion created by the scenic coordination of light, space, and movement, which becomes real through projection. In architecture, the interplay between these parameters defines the intensity and effectiveness of the individual spatial perception significantly.

It is based on the urban application of superposition of two creative disciplines. The concept of the building becomes architecture of the scenary, offering a dinamic interaction, and acts as protagonist of the urban landscape.

On the interface between land and water, between historic centre and modern development area, the building adopts many faces from each viewpoint, thus finding itself in a constant dialogue with its surroundings. Its radiance overcomes the city’s natural divide and historic lifeline, the IJ river, and is defined by its interaction with the surroundings, its positioning, and geometry.

Located on the waterfront  surroundings in the heart of Amsterdam, the Film Institute represents the visual landmark in the area and integration. An area that until now had beed isolated an inaccesible to the public.

The building can be accessed in different ways, while on the north side we find and access to the subway stop parking on the west side there is a bike path that allows access along the river. A spectacular line of traditional urban ferry ride allows an impressive scenic change at the sight of visitors as the approach.

The access through the large southern glass front is defined by an intense optical reference to the outside before the room widens when coming closer to the ticket and information counter.

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Comment from Rafael Garcia Luque

Bueno bueno bueno….sin palabras ….expectacular

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Magnífico edificio, estupendo proyecto y recomendación!!!

Comment from Luis ferriol


Una estructura espectacular. Felicidades por el trabajo.

Comment from arquitectos zaragoza

Un diseño impresionante, parece que flota

Comment from Andres Garcia

Muy bueno. Proyectos de arquitectura excepcionales. Gracias por este artículo.

Comment from Ovidio Galistar

Impresionantes construcciones en este artículo. Fue un placer dar una conferencia.
Eres un equipo impresionante e interesante.

Comment from Gestión documental

WOW! Es simplemente impresionante

La estructura parece un avión, está impresionante

Comment from Mp3xd

Impresionantes construcciones en este artículo. Fue un placer dar una conferencia.
Eres un equipo impresionante e interesante.

Comment from llaveros baratos

Parece un avion , podrian hacer llaveros personalizados para promocionar la obra

Comment from llaveros baratos

que buen diseño

Comment from Comprar Banderas

Gran diseño y proyecto!

Comment from Fletero

Me encanta todo lo del transporte!!

Comment from Alojamiento web

Magnifico, le expreso toda mi admiración a estos diseños. La estructura parece un avison, estoy completamente anonadado.

Comment from hormigon pulido

imponentes construcciones, impresionantes muy lindas

Comment from test de leyes

muy bonito, espero seguir viendo mas trabajos

Enhoraabuena!! Muy buenos trabajos los de este estudio!

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