April 18th, 2017


The australian architectural study Lions has designed this medical research building belonging to the John Curtin School based in Melbourne, Australia.

Its particularity is evidenced in the facade that emanates a sensation of movement through a series of “fins” that protrude to the outside. This element, realized intentionally to identify the incessant investigation of the interior, is what gives to the building dynamism and personality.

The interesting piece aims to offer an interactive space that allows researchers, students and visitors to collaborate in a team.

In the glass panels on the side and rear of the elevation, it is intended to symbolize the work done on the premises of the building, through simplified icons of molecules and coded representations odf the DNA chain.

The glass panels placed on the outside let you glimpse part of the research facilities, exhibition areas, office areas, laboratories and public conference rooms that houses the structure.

The angular glass of the fins reveals the functioning of the school as the viewer approaches the entrance.

The internal spaces are connected with the stairs of the building and with the open galleries that it possesses, destined to promote the social exchange and the fraternization.

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Comment from arquitectos zaragoza

Muy interesante esos juegos de opacidad y transparencia producidos por las aletas, que dependiendo del punto de percepción nos impide o nos deja ver el otro lado.

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Que pasada de construcción. que bonita y original. Me gusta muchísimo. Estupenda recomendación!!! Besos!!

Comment from Rosa Gil

Espectacular y más teniendo en cuenta que se trata de una escuela médica, seguro que inspira para que estos médicos puedan encontrar la cura a muchas enfermedades. Saludos.

Comment from arquitecto zaragoza

Un gran diseño. Efectivamente.

Un diseño impresionante, tanto desde fuera como desde el interior. Felicidades.