June 27th, 2013

‘El Jardín de mi Hospi’ is already a reality

We are in luck today. From the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, we are pleased to announce that after finishing the Works finally “El Jardín de mi Hospi” is a reality.

‘El jardín de mi hospi’ is one of the most special projects carried out by the study in close collaboration with the NGO Juegaterapia. This charity project has been ​​possible thanks to the collaboration of several companies and donations from organizations and thousands of anonymous people. The studio A-cero has designed this garden in a totally selflessly.

The construction of this garden is a pioneering project in Spain and many hospitals are expected to have a similar space. The goal is that sick children can enjoy the outdoors and play like other children. We wanted both humanize and improve the quality of the children’s lifes and their families in particularly adverse circumstances.



This garden is located on the roof of the access building to the Maternal and Child Universitary Hospital La Paz in Madrid. It is a space of 800 m2 of green areas, play and relax for hospitalized children, especially for those who are in a situation of long stay.


The cover of the Hospital La Paz is structured through a series of circular elements that function as differente plan and seating areas, formally linked to a winding road that runs along the roof creating an itinerary that welcomes you to explore the entire space.

All the cover is upholsteried with artificial grass and soft floors, which include large pots that make the role of banks. It is a place designed for meeting, resting, reading,etc. Another element to highlight are the pergolas-table: circular mushroom-shaped tables shade provided. We also find in the entire deck illumination points, which in addition to its decorative effect they become resting points.


The next phase of this project is to create therapeutic gardens on the terraces of the building 2, devoted to each of the senses: the smell Garden with aromatic plant species, the sight Garden: with colorful plants; the taste Garde, which consists of fruit vegetable species, the touch Garden: plants with interesting textures, and the hearing Garden: in which we find species that generate different sounds when combined with the wind. The children will also have an area of propagation, so they can plant their own trees.


We access the cover by a sports rubberized floor, in which begins the journey of different play areas. The whole route has a safety rail of 1.80 m high, formed by gray and transparent glass panels, leaving a small maintenance corridor. In the panels closest to the entrance we see a large horizontal vinyl with the logo “El Jardín de mi Hospi” and Juegaterapia.

We are in this area with mosaic cubes of Pixel XL. A mosaic with magnetic coating pieces that allows to vary the drawings, thereby creating a play and decoration element very dynamic and open.

At the garden entrance we find two unique and very special pots. These are the pots of Aaron and Jacobo, two little patients that because their disease they couldn´t see the project finished, and we wanted to keep in memory making them a part of the garden forever.

“Some people have friends at work, friends at the gym … I am much more original. I have a friend up there in heaven. He was called Aaron, and left us three months ago. During the time we were friends down here, he helped to build something that even began as tiny, quickly became big, very big. Because if Juegaterapia exists is only thanks to him. For Aaron it was the first console, it was a pleasure to watch him play. Nobody knew more than him. And no one was able to illuminate our office with such his smile. Today that smile accompanies me wherever I go. During the good times and not so good. He was, is and will always be my inspiration source. Now that we have a garden, I want Aaron to continue flashing with his presence to all the children that thanks to him, can play there every day. And so, to continue the work he came to do here, bring happiness to thousands of sick children. “-Monica Esteban, President of the Foundation Juegaterapia.

“I didn’t have the fortune to meet Jacobo. But I had the great fortune to meet his parents, Leandro and Conchita. And knowing how wonderful they are, I am convinced that it is true that of -like father, like son-. From Jacobo I know he was red-haired, wildly handsome and that he would enjoyed very much this garden. And I know he leaves a lot of good down here. As a mom who now devoted her time to help us. If this garden was already a nice project, today even more. Because Jacobo will be a part of it, and will help to bring happinedd to many, many children”. Thanks Jacobo.- Monica Esteban, President of the Foundation Juegaterapia.

This first area is for younger children, where we can see anchored elements as the snail-shaped slide. It is located on a circular rubber surface, which connects to the rest of the journey inviting us to follow it.

Following this path so colorful we get to a second area focused on the family. This is an area designed for meeting and relax thanks to the pots with trees. These large-scale pots allow the installation of trees and at the same time they function as benches. Here parents can relax on the pots-benches and in the light points, which serve as support.

In this area and all around the route we find anchored figures with animal shapes to convey the sense of contact with nature. These “animals”, as the pergolas-table that we well discuss later, have been granted by the company Animala.

The type of tree chosen for this project, as recommended by the allergists of La Paz, is the almond. We have chosen this tree because causes less allergy to the children that the rest of trees.

Continuing the path we reach the third zone, intended for older children. Here you will find new pots, animals and two pergolas-tables of large dimension… so much so that they are visible from the outside.

This space thanks to its wide surface allows the realization of different activities, since children will count with sports equipment that will be used in the garden.

The giant mushrooms have been designed to become circular tables provided with shade, where you can practice table games, drawing, painting, reading, etc.


Here we leave the video I showed you yesterday in the TV programme Sálvame about “El Jardín de mi Hospi”:

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Comment from Juanjo

Magnífica obra, increíble, sin palabras, ya que por desgracia están los niños ingresados por lo menos con esto será más ameno para ellos y sus familiares, chapo!!!, enhorabuena!!! a todos los que han colaborado…..

Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Gracias por hacerlo realidad!!

Comment from Gabriela

Sin duda vuestra obra mas bonita. Felicidades A-cero por esta buena acción.

Comment from Jesús

Hay obras que por su intención y por su significado, no tienen palabras. Si hay algo mejor que la esperezanza, si existe algo más grande que la felicidad, únicamente se me ocurre el amor más absoluto de una madre o un padre hacia sus hijas o hijos. Aquí se unen los tres sentimientos: esperanza, felicidad y simplemente amor…
Creo que es algo tan puro y tan digno, que no se puede definir, solo sentir. Viva el jardín de mi hospi. Gracias por todo lo que hay detrás, para que sea posible seguir hacia delante. Mi más absoluta y sincera admiración…

Comment from Miguel

Felicidades. Esta labor es fantástica.

Comment from Rockabilly Vampire

Fuera de toda valoración técnica, estética o económica, la arquitectura debe cumplir una función social, y en ese sentido, aquí no hay debate. Quien critique este proyecto no tiene corazón, sino un trapo sucio cosido al pecho.



Comment from pins de futbol

pins de futbol

qué maravilla de jardín. Los niños lo van a agradecer un montón. Muchas gracias por compartir las imágenes. saludos

Comment from jardinin

Como dice otro comentario, los niños se lo pasarán fenomenal ahí. Y gracias por el post, lo recomendaré a compañeros.

Comment from plagaslaunion.com

Ahora hay que tener cuidado en ese jardín no vayais a pillar una plaga. Si eso, nos llamáis!

Una idea maravillosa para apoyar a a todas las personas, solo ver el proyecto genera felicidad.