August 4th, 2013

The architecture studio A-cero in the press II

The architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares presents the second list of articles about the study and its projects, published both in national and international media.


Living in a great style – Sotogrande is a book that offers guided tours to masterpieces located in the town of Cadiz. This book opens the door to countless interiors, that until now, had remained hidden from the public eye.

Among the various houses that can be find in the book, they have selected a summer house designed by A-cero located on a plot of over 2,000 m2 in which white is the protagonist according to the architecture of the region where is located.

The sculptural forms dominate the structure of this house of 683 m2 distributed on two floors.


This is a magazine specialized in the world of reform and rehabilitation, dedicated to anyone who has to deal with the experience of reform and need to be updated, and includes professionals sections as architecture, interior design, and from the industry, also led for particular information needs.

It is a reform project in a small place of only 50 m2, as an exhibition space and footwear sale of the known Spanish company Camper, made by A-cero.


In this russian magazine, of architecture, decoration and interior design is devoted an article about the Black & White house, designed by A-cero.

We recall that one of the strengths in the interior reform of this house was the incorporation of large windows to increase the light penetration.

On the facade we used materials as black glass, white glass and aluminum, giving the exterior large sculptural cantilevers.


Kuca Stil magazine, monthly and Serb, has major sections as interior design, architecture, lifestyle, fashion, ideas, celebrities and shopping.

Kuca Stil devoted this last March a publication of a house designed by A-cero in the development of La Finca.

This home retains all the characteristics of the study A-cero as the careful operation of volumes and geometry, large glazed panels involving continuity between the interior and exterior of the house, or the careful relationship with the environment.

Visually the house seems to emerge naturally from the ground, thanks in part to the treatment of the facades. For the finishing we have used dark-dyed concrete walls and textured with regular geometries, achieving a printing of stone finish.


This Russian publication, which focuses in kitchens and entertainment spaces designs, shows a reform that A-cero study conducted in a loft in Zaragoza.

We opted for white as dominant color throughout the house to provide maximum light and give a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, it incorporates a wooden floor in white, like white ceiling and walls. Only in certain specific areas we include the black.


The engine monthly magazine most read in our country shows a publication in which they equate residential luxury with luxury motoring.


Natura is an Istanbul-based architecture and design magazine focused on contemporary architecture utilizing stone. Our aim is to include outstanding examples of architectural projects that utilize natural stone as a major design component.

In this Turkish magazine we can find a publication about the Marble & Bamboo house, designed by A-cero and located in the development of La Moraleja, Madrid.

It is a demolition and construction project of a house according to the A-cero aesthetics in which the clean lines, the spaciousness and sculptural references form the language of the architectural study itself.

Outside, the ventilated facade is finished in white marble with bamboo elements that characterize the smoothed the house. The inner part consists of spacious and illuminated spaces for which the architects have chosen natural colors such as cream and brown.


This magazine is distributed regularly in major European countries, and is focused in the world of rehabilitation and reform.

Here again we find an article on the reform made ​​by A-cero in a commercial premise in Granada, for the design of the new Camper store.

Two colors: white and red. An open space is projected by adding elements with organic forms such as furniture exhibitors that are made ​​in matt lacquered wood with white shelves, red partitions and LED indirect lighting.



The book Scenery & Family Life, published by the University Dalian of  Techonology Press (China) covers the influence of housing landscaping around many corners of the world, showing more than fifty examples in this single collection.

This publication shows as a single family home located in a luxury development of Pozuelo de Alarcón, with a total area of 1.700 m2. It has two levels: ground floor and first floor.

This home retains all the features of the A-cero studio as the careful operation of volumes and geometry, large glazed panels involving continuity between the interior and exterior of the house, or the careful relationship with the environment.


In this case, the Chinese magazine Top devotes some pages to the house that the studio A-cero has designed in Marbella, Málaga.

The residence comprises three floors organized around two large courtyards that allow intense ventilation and natural light into the building.

The whole house is “dressed” in Roman transventilated travertine stone.


In this Chinese magazine, are dedicated a total of 3 publications corresponding to 3 houses designed by A-cero.

The first is dedicated tothe  reform in an attic of Zaragoza previously commented.

A second publication is devoted to the interior project conducted by the study in the development of Ibiza, also designed by A-cero.

Again, mainly white with small black inclusions, because as to be a summer home one of the main points is the power of lighting, which increases significantly with white.

The last house we find is the one in Sotogrande, which we have also discussed above.

As with the exterior, the interior of this building is dominated by white in consistency with the architecture of the area. Furthermore, this neutral color various stresses the decorative pieces that the owners of the house have included according to their taste.


In this Galician newspaper the Black & White house also echoes, externally defined by its cantilevers and internally for its open spaces and plenty of natural light.

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muy bueno el blog

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