March 28th, 2017


The project is located in a land with a total area of 1364 m2 and is located in an old industrial area of Porto, which is now being regenerated, through the use of land for activities related to companies, replacing the old industries.

The plan of use of the area classifies the land as an area of “progressive settlement of companies representing different commercial areas and those that develop research and innovation in order to promote the city’s compentitiveness and its role in the region, complementary uses such as services, commerce, equipment and hotels, tourism companies and restaurants”. As part of this process of regeneration, the building is implanted perpendiculary to Manuel Pinto de Azevedo street.

The upper levels will be superimposed with a thin laer of gypsum for the thermal insulation – composite system of thermal insulation. Being protected by external awnings of the same color of the plaster, the opening contribute, in these floors, to the dynamic relation of the facade, from which can be multiple combinations genses. These materials, steel and thin plaster of dark color, remembers the industrial past of the zone. The reference to the industrial past of the place was always present in our options considering the design and the materialization of the building.

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El proyecto está implantado en un terreno con un área total de 1364 m2 y que se encuentra en una antigua zona industrial.

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