April 23rd, 2016


In today’s post, we want to show you some of the latest works created by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares with one thing in common: they all are original unique works of large dimensions.

ARQUIBLACKS 200x150cm / 150x200cm 

These two pieces of the collection are representations of Arquiblack works and flagship projects studio A-cero along with other conceptual drawings of architectural stroke, made with pigmented black ink on methacrylate.

The two pieces are measures two meters by one and a half, arranged vertically and horizontally.


The Arquitrazos collection are paintings made by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, whose lines correspond to an abstract vision of architecture. With enamel painting technique on film, canvas and even glass, each original work is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.


Magma collection responds to a technique that reflects the fusion of tones and favorite textures of the studio, decoration their designs and interior spaces. Presented in sheets, canvas, acrylic or glass with enamel paint mixed media and oil.

These pieces of two meters by two meters are presented in gold or silver tones.


Following the mixed explained above glazes and oil technique, this time applied to a canvas 195x114cm.


Lacquered iron sculpture red representing the sketch of an international project (inspired in coral typical stone) on a wooden frame of 200x160cm.


New collection of works of abstract line where pigments mixed media acrylic on wood, takes a commanding presence thanks to the fusion of materials like cement in specific examples. This is a piece of 195x135cm.


The materic collection follows a mixed media of acrylic paint and pigment on canvas, which is intended to play both with fusion of colors and finishes, reflecting a vision of strength and movement through its own texture.

These are presented in measures 195x114cm and 160x200cm.


Fusion of colours and strong contrats are the main sensations that project these works by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares with oil on canvas technique.

Each of these measures 200x160cm (avalaible limited numbered series and photographic reproductions).

Visit us in a-ceroshop.com and from next month of May in our new showroom in Santa Cruz de Marcenado street, 2. Tlf. 91 799 79 84.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Maravillosos, destaco los Magma, Metamorfosis y Arquiblack pero son todos magníficos. Enhorabuena que pedazo de Artístas sóis!!!

Comment from Jose

Arte a la enésima potencia, una delicia visual.

Comment from Jane

So great for you to stop here and let us know you still continue your class with these awesome horses, esclliapey Zenyatta. I know I do not get here too much myself, but when I see your name, one of the originals like myself, I needed to say HI!!.Sally B.

Comment from marc

Increible obra de arte