February 24th, 2013


Last Wednesday we showed in Sálvame how to reform an old nightstand to transform it into a new and original one. In this post we will explain you the steps to restore your furniture providing them with a more personal and modern design.


This old nightstand is pretty deteriorated. With a low budget we will be able to give the stand a fresh air, rejuvenating this small cabinet.

For this, we will replace some of the original elements, as the handles.


From the study we wanted to make a little renovation in A-cero´s style. For this reason, we replaced the wood color for white color, avoiding the classic air that the nightstand transmitted. We also propose a set of black lines by the different planes, to break the monochromatic white color, and finally, new aluminum handles.


First you must remove the handles, to proceed to sand the furniture. After sanding it, we will give a first imprimation coat to prepare the surface for subsequent painting. After that, we can proceed to paint the furniture in white.

The original handles will be changed for others made in aluminum and, unlike the previous ones, they are going to be fixed inside.

The next step is to paint some black lines on the cabinet. To do this, you must place carpenter tape, marking the areas of black paint, thereby achieving clean lines.

As mentioned before, in the next picture it can be seen how the handles go internal on the nightstand.

Furthermore, in order to give more originality to the cabinet, the handles will be placed alternately from left to right.

Finally, after drying, we have our furniture restored. Of course this process is quite simple and has endless possibilities.

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Comment from Fco Laso Noya

Gracia por la idea me gusta

Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Gracias por el paso a paso, ha ganado mucho, pero como bien dijiste en el programa es fea…

Comment from Pituli Casado

Me encanta el resultado. Otra variante podría ser algún color fluor
¿verdad ?

Comment from Bárbara

Horrible. El resultado no me gusta.
Esta vez no habeis acertado.

Comment from Rosa

Yo no le haria la linea del cajón de bajo, lo cambiaria por el cajón central todo en negro!! creo que quedaria de lujo!! Buena ida para renovar mesita me gusta

Comment from jose antonio

me parece una broma… yo los romperia los 2…

Comment from Jose

Esta vez no, parecen trozos de cinta aislante.

Comment from oo


Comment from Derecho de la cultura

La idea de los tiradores me encanta pero las lineas negras no me convencen demasiado.