November 21st, 2010

Chad Oppenheim, a romantic minimalist

“Romantic and minimalist”. That’s how the American architect Chad Oppenheim defines his work. With 39 years old, this professional is one of the biggest exponents of the tropical modernist aesthetics due to his modern, sensual and comfortable architecture.

Since he opened his study in Miami eleven years ago, this young architect has demonstrated his deep sensibility for the design and the innovation. His top quality creations have allowed him to take part in the best architectural contests of the world. In fact, his studio was finalists in a contest about designing a masterplan in Dubai in 2007 that A-cero won with his project “Nebula”.

For the last decade Oppenheim has lived and worked investigating the cultures of many countries as Japan, Mexico, Spain or Israel. Furthermore, Oppenheim has been receiving numerous awards.

His work includes a lot of different projects: master plans, collective housings, single-family houses, interior designs and public buildings. Oppenheim also is creating hotels for the most prestigious firm of the world as Marriott or Oriental Mandarin.

Oppenheim’s architecture is a perfect balance between design, sustainability and price that emphasizes building ability opposite to presumptuous architecture. His creations reveal a philosophy based on the experience. It is an essential production made deliberately with minimal resources. “We are followers of that the buildings are only what they must be”, Oppenheim explains.

His spaces evoke senses and sensations. They show the author’s aptitude to get the extract of every context and program.

His project Museum Park in Miami (2007) shows it: a 50 storey crystalline skyscraper with spectacular proportions placed in the heart of the arts and spectacles centre of Miami.

The care for the environment and the study of each context are keys elements in the Oppenheim work. His projects are designed in order not to damage climate and environment. In fact, his study won an international contest with his proposal for 1 Hotel in Washington, the first sustainable hotels company of the world.

This building is made of vertical gardens connected by glasses that work like a “living machine” that purifies the air and water of the 177 hotel’s rooms. With this project, the author reveals his intention of establishing a dialogue between sustainability and architecture with the aim of creating a new luxurious urban hotel concept.

Furthermore, the architecture studio is currently designing (for the same firm) 1 Hotel in New York, Atlanta, Costa Rica, Antilla (Colombia) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida). 

To conclude, we can say that Oppenheim architecture is a modern and minimalist work, but with the comfort and heat of traditional architecture.

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Comment from Miguel Oldán

Una propuesta interesante y muy “verde”…
Como no se trata de comparar, me reservo decir que A-cero está muy por encima en mis gustos… (ups !! si ya lo he dicho…) jejeje
Un saludo y gracias por compartirlo…

Comment from Juan Manuel Bernal Parodi

me encanta y me encanata la apuesta por la eficiencia, lo que no se si un aerogenerados fijo es realmente eficiente sin giro a favore del viento…….muchas veces se nos vende eficiencia pero es tal, es como colocar paneles fotofoltaicos en una superficie plana….
Pero me gusta mucha la obra de Chad

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me Encanta el trabajo de este hombre, Bellisimo, además soy una amante de lo Tropical” Encuentro vuestra Elección de esta semana Acertadisima, muy muy Buena!!….Besos.

Comment from Amor poligonero

Un post estupendo. Muchas gracias

Comment from Joaquín Torres

Gracias a todos

Me ha encantado Oppenheim architecture! Un gran ejemplo de modernidad y minimalismo en una misma construcción. saludos