December 27th, 2016


Today we would like to recommend the Pompidou Metz Center, designed by the recently awarded Pritzker Price Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines, with the collaboration of the Gumuchdjian Architects studio. This project was a winner in the International Competition convened in 2003 to realize the Center Pompidou of Metz.

This center is a branch of the George Pompidou Cultural Center in Paris and the largest space for temporary exhibitions outside the french capital.

The main concpet of the work is the woven hexagonal hat. This was to be the inspiration for construction, both in the literal sense, as to its fascinating woven structure, and by studies of the traditional Japanes architectures – their great protective overhangs on the ceilings, their flowing silhouettes and their screens of paper – becoming this study in the heart that triggered for the development of the project a sustainable engineering and respectful with the envirionment.

Spaces: The interior space is crossed by three cantilevered galleries that measure 100×15 meters and which hold the collections, while offering majestic views of the historic city of Metz. From one of these large windows you can see the cathedral of the city, with optical effect included: the more one approaches the window, the further away the monument.

Galleries: Each of the tubes that make up the galleries, has the possibility of receiving natural and artificial light. For storage reasons, the ambient temperature, humidity and oxygen must be checked in the tubes.

The large volumes closed under the roof use the filtered air, which comes out through an aspiration hood, colder than the outside temperature in summer and in winter warmer than outside, a direct energy recovery system. The environmental systems are totally hidden in the ground and above, in ceiling made with a permeable material that provides a safe conservation for the exposed works. Each gallery changes this ceiling every three years.

Structure and materials: The whole building is developed around a central needle that reaches 77 meters in height. The galleries cross the hexagonal roof whose structural fabric of wood becomes a support spring when it touches the ground. The design mainly exploits passive means to produce an energy-efficient building.

The large cantilevered roof protects the facades of the elements in the winter and gives shade in summer. Inside, the atmosphere is clear with its caramel-colored wood ceiling, walls and structures painted white and the surface of its concrete floors in pearl gray.

The corrugated ceiling, laminated in wood, surrounds the structure of a metal tower with 77 meters of height and extends for more than 60 meters, enclosing a huge space in which the galleries are suspended. The organic form of the same with the needle cap in the spire of the membrane, like wanting to reach the sky, and its structural interweaving of wood create a great lattice connected to the ground by soft swirls of wood and steel.

The frame structure of the membrane is covered with a translucent fiberglass cover and teflon textiles covering 8000 square meters, letting natural light pass by and covering the structure of large light wood beams.

When visitors enter, below the large deck, the gallery tubes rise above their heads, traversing the forum space. From this place, a route without order or concert leads them through three different spaces of the gallery, each with spectacular views of the cathedral, the station and the public gardens, thus reinforcing the connection of the Center with the historic city.


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Comment from Jesús


Comment from desarrollo de software

Es increíble. Me encanta la estructura del tejado, espectacular.

Comment from Magazine

Dan ganas de ser arquitecto viendo vuestras imágenes y las explicaciones.

Comment from Gafas de sol baratas

Me encanta la forma del tejado

Comment from Extintores

Una estructura que me recuerda mucho a ls Setas en Sevilla. Sin duda, uno de mis proyectos favoritos.

Comment from Felpudos

Un deslumbre a la vista!!!

Comment from FrancoForniture

Gran contenido, para decorar el interior de esas hermosas estructuras entrarían perfecto los tipos de muebles que hay e franco forniture