November 7th, 2010

Mathias Klotz, Latin America modernity

 Today we would like to introduce you Mathias Klotz (Chile, 1964), one the best current architects of Latin America. This professional establishes his own architecture studio in Santiago de Chile in 1991 just when he got his degree in the Catholic University of Chile. Since then, Klotz has been making an important architecture career full

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October 31st, 2010

Tadao Ando: neutrality, simplicity and purity

Born in Osaka, Japan, in 1941, Tadao Ando is surely the most important and influential Japanese architect nowadays. His most different characteristic, after his work, is his self-taught education. Unlike the majority of current architects, he does not go to the University. His knowledge about architecture comes from his travels around Europe, EEUU and Africa.

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October 24th, 2010

Claudio Silvestrin, essential architecture

Born in 1954, Claudio Silvestrin studied under A.G. Fronzoni in Milan ans at the Architectural Association in London. In this city he started his career and opened his first architecture studio in 1989. Since then this Italian artist has created important works and has won a lot of prizes until being consider nowadays one of

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October 17th, 2010

Aires Mateus, minimalist architecture

Today we are going to move to Lisbon in order to show you the architecture of Portugueses brothers Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus. Both are making a serious and constant career that is having an important role among the Portugues architecture and is attracting the international interest during the last years. Aires Mateus brothers have

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October 10th, 2010

ICA, the sense of efficiency

This year is the ICA 10 anniversary, the architecture studio managed by the joung Spanish architects  Iñaqui Carnicero (1973), Ignacio Vila (1972) y Alejandro Virseda (1972). Ten years of a really good career with plenty awards. Indeed, they received their first prize just when they had finished the University and established the studio. Since them

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