May 5th, 2017


Today we show you a selection of buildings designed by A-cero for dotacional use. This classification includes generally educational, culltural, social centers.. are just some examples of projects by the studio A-cero directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares in recent years.

We start with a Center of the University of A Coruña:

Located on the campus of Coruña, one of the first competitions won by A-cero. A large building housing spaces and distributions are kept clean lines and functionality:

We continue with a space project. A training center and rehabilitation designed by A-cero out of Madrid for RECAL Foundation. This foundation plays a great job with people with various addictions.




Following the projects with special meaning for being selfless work. A-cero participated in 2011 in a construction project of the School of the Good Shepherd in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in that country:


Project for a  MUSEUM in OSLO:

A location that allows to enjoy the best sea views while respecting the numerous buildings of great historical value that are in the area as it houses the Town Hall.

We also propose a project that also works have already started a NURSERY SCHOOL (province of MADRID):

The studio A-cero has presented a modern and dynamic design for the nursery, with the use of bright colors in te finishing of the facade. A different and innovative architecture for a school, where indoor and outdoor environments are connected thanks to large windows arranged.


The interior design of each classroom has a different personality, using a protagonist in each color.

Decals are used on walls and ceilings as well as other items such as balls, to give dynamism to the interior.

We close this selection wih our recent cultural building project “Getafe Market”.

The project idea is to preserve the character of the building and the most characteristic and distinctive of buildings to rehabilitate elemens. Volumtrically the maintain both buildings with brick walls and roofs.

It poses a facade as a skin formed by ribs that traverse the building emulating the pace of interior open space trusses to form the multipurpose room and that let you see the old brick facade between them.

At the same time it becomes the facade of the Plaza of the Constitution and allow you to hide the adjacent walls. As preexisting entry elements and cast iron balcony on the first floor that will continue to mark the entrance to the building is maintained.

Similarly an envelope is proposed as a skin to protect trusses cover the main room as skylight and houses inside the walkway linking the existing buildings with part of new construction.

This gateway also form part of the communication system of the building becomes on th deck of the ship, stay area (bleachers) and relationship.

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Comment from Cerrajeros Madrid

Definitivamente tengo que visitar el Mercado de Getafe, se ve impresionante en fotos, me imagino que se debe ver mejor allí mismo

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Que hermosos proyectos todos ellos. Destaco el de Getafe que me parece Espectacular. Tengo la esperanza de verlo personalmente!!!

Comment from gimnasio malaga

Me ecnantan todos, pero el último es arte en estado puro.

Comment from maria

Creo que la noticia es fantastica, sigue asi.
Me han pasado este enlace

Comment from Cumpleaños Coruña

Precioso, menudo diseño, parece de Blade Runner. Enhorabuena!!!

Comment from ZH

Que ideas tan maravillosas. Los resultados son espectaculares. Felicidades!

Comment from Comprar Banderas

Excelente proyecto!