December 29th, 2015


This week we want to recommend the extension building of the Art Museum of Denver (Colorado – USA ) . The addition by architect Daniel Libeskind , is inspired by the vitality and growth of Denver , the new building now houses collections of modern and contemporary art.


The new building becomes a focus of the city, connecting with the city center, the Civic Center, and forming a strong connection to the golden triangle area. The project is not designed as a separate building, but as part of a composition of public spaces.

Works began on April 9, 2003 with the celebration of the laying of the foundation stone, and was completed in 2006, with a total cost of over 62 million. With an area of 13564 m2, it is the core of the new cultural district of the city.

The Museum consists of a series of interlocking rectangles. This is a geometric pattern of aggressive, pure and irregular shapes, glass and titanium that reflect the peaks and rock crystals from the nearby mountains. A cantileverd volume crosses the street to link to the building structure by Gio Ponti (first museum building) by a bridge of stel and glass.

The most striking feature of the museum is the triangular shape of th corner that is fired out of the street toward the old Gio  Pontti building. The new structure serves as the main entrance to the entire exhibition complex and is characterized by the entrance hall that leads to other new areas such as the cafeteria, an auditorium for 280 peoplle, bookstore and other shops.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me encanta este proyecto, conozco algunas obras de Libeskind ésta entre ellas y me gusta su estilo nada convencional. Estupenda recomendación. Besos!!

Comment from monedero

excelente diseño, felicidades!

Comment from Cocinas

Una estética muy cuidada y excelente resultado. La belleza es otro de vuestros factores diferenciadores. Como en las cocinas que fabricamos los detalles y el estilismo marcan la diferencia.

Felicidades por el diseño!