January 30th, 2016


In today’s post we want to talk you of Corten steel, a material we use very much in A-cero, therefore its properties that make it a perfect building material for its beauty as it ideal for decoration.

Own creations full of personality, in various sizes and styles that will give you that sophisticated touch any corner of your home, like our famous sculpture twinned, while triangular layout as circular, perfect to treat yourself or as gifts.

The set of sculptures RJJ we love, by its small size, easy to locate anywhere, and because despite its size contain the essence of A-cero pure. The price of the assembly 55€.

Ernesto Knorr sculptures, full of balance, tension, movement and contrast. Spectacular unique pieces able to captivate anyone, also from this material blend perfectly with the design and the essence of A-cero.

Both small and large construction pieces, weathering steel is a success for its many qualities that make a long-lived material time and his particular and timeless aesthetic,

All this and much more in our showroom located in A-cero In C/ Castelló 66 Madrid or in our website www.a-ceroshop.com.


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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Me encanta el acabado con Corten, lo encuentro ideal en cualquier cosa de las mencionadas. En fachada espectacular.!!!

No sabía que la oxidación protegía del deterioro. Queda muy bonito también.

Comment from Sacaleches Manual

Me impresiona gratamente observar como un material con un componente que no precisa mantenimiento, es más, la propia naturaleza genera una textura dinámica en la pieza y es increible.

El arte se mimetiza con la naturaleza, por eso me gusta tanto, una vida sin belleza y sensibilidad, no es vida.

Comment from javier

Me gusta ese toque que da el hierro oxidado, parece estilo Rat.

Muchas gracias por compartir son muy ingeniosas las ideas. Estaré pendiente de mas publicaciones.

Comment from Stickman Hook

Además es de calidad. Lo digo por experiencia. Gracias por la recomendación.

Comment from sonic games

Both small and large constructions, weatherproof steel is a success thanks to the many qualities that make the material a long-lasting material and its distinctive and timeless aesthetics.

Comment from driving directions

Looking forward to you sharing more information, I have been looking for it for days.