February 19th, 2014


A-cero Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares Architrecture presents a new mall project for the harbour of Valencia, Spain. There are two options for this project, today we are showing one of them.




This proposal creates a mall area in the old Valencia’s harbour dock, between the harbour and Malvarosa Beach.



This proposal has an approximate  built up area for commerce of 12.200 sqm with 72 commercial locals, an utdoors parking and recreation areas. A-cero propose several commercial pieces disposed in two straps inside the old sheds, it generates an internal street with mixed uses: commercial and restaurants.

The shed 4 has a commercial area of 6.750 sqm with 40 commercial locals. Shed 5 has a proposal of 32 commercial locals  in 5.450 sqm. As we can see on the ground floor, the distribution would be this way: seafront/harbour, commercials pieces, internal commercial street, shed with commercial pieces and access.




The disposition with only one floor does not compete in terms of height with the existing architecture. This allows to observe the perception of the old sheds from the internal street as well as from the seafront and the harbour.

A-cero respects the existing architecture preseving the original structure of the dock and the covers with historical value. The facades are treated with reinforced cement boards, aluminum and glass following an orthogonal design.


The project consists in two stripes with some white color boxes, this volumes work as the shopfront. Above this we can observe the original sheds, achieving the integration of both architectures in the environment.

In the inside the new pieces respect the original architecture and the exterior facades are conserved.


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Comment from A-cerocf

Uys que pinta mas estupenda tiene… Felicidades

Comment from Anonymous

Otro centro comercial? No hay ninguna necesidad comercial en esa zona. Me parece un gran error construir uno ahí. Es otra propuesta más o se hará realidad? Por otro lado el proyecto me parece aceptable. S2!

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Un proyecto muy Bonito ojalá se lleve a cabo…Felicidades!!

Comment from enrique

Increible proyecto para esa zona, mejoraría mucho el entorno. Suerte y ojalá se realice. Felicidades ¡¡¡

Comment from enrique

Vuelvo a hacer comentarios en este blog con mas energía que antes.
Joaquín no tengo el gusto de conocerle pero que se mejore de su accidente. Mucho animo y fuerza. Un fortísimo abrazo.

Comment from Arquitecto Valencia

Un proyecto estupendo, ya que la zona de la Marina Real necesita urgentemente algo que la revitalice, y un equipamiento comercial es uno de los factores que más atrae a la gente, que es lo que necesitan estos espacios: gente.

Comment from Extintores

Un pryecto muy currado. Me encanta el resultado final.