February 3rd, 2014


A-cero Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares Architecture presents a semi-detahed houses promotion A-cero tech of 125 sqm in France.


This project for Sodico Immobilier is located in Steinbrunn, a french village next to the Swiss and German border. A privileged place its mountainous geography and natural surroundings.


A set of 6 duplex houses with garden distributed in two different plots with 4 and 2 semi-detached houses each plot.


These houses have an exclusive and unique A-cero design. These houses have two floors: ground floor and first floor, which divide public from private area.



These semi-detached houses have 65 sqm for the common uses with hall, living-room with porche, bathroom and office. There is also a garage for two cars outside.


This is the private floor, with 60 sqm. This floor has a corridor to the suite bedroom, the other two bedrooms and a bathroom.



White color is the most important for the facade and is made of reinforced cement panels. It is a clear lines geomtetry and minimalist  project.

The facade and porche elements  are tinted white color to make everything work together.

The darker color wood is also used for the facade, achieving the warm sensation of the wood material.


There are rich spaces  inside, thanks the continuous and diaphanous spaces that join the exterior with wide windows that introduce natural light.


The same as other  A-cero tech modular houses promotions like Finca Las Marías or Finca Las Mercedes, these houses also have the advantadges of this constructive system.

The A-cero tech industrialized constructive system avoids environmental problems. The way to construct is more sustainable in terms of environment, economy and sociability. The constructive system and the use of renewable energies allow to get an energetic efficiency with class B.

The use of solar panels, LED lighting and low consume lamps, domotic system, termic insulation system and sound insulation system are other reasons of these high energetic efficiency houses. On the other hand the industrialized and modular system decrease things like pollution and public space occuppated…

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Comment from A-cerocf

Una urbanizacion monisima, viviendas, preciosas y sostenibles… Felicidades

Comment from Encarna Talavera Martinez

Que bonitasssss.

Comment from pyd

Simplemente fantástica promoción !!!! Envidia de no tener una…

Comment from Penélope Glamour

¡Fabulosas viviendas! Hasta el último detalle rezuma sensibilidad y buen gusto. ¡Enhorabuena!

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Unas viviendas pareadas muy bonitas me gusta mucho su diseño, magnífica la eficiencia energética con que van dotadas…A-cero Tech cada vez más y mejor. Felicidades!!!

Comment from Joaquín

Gracias por vuestros comentarios…un abrazo

Comment from keiner jaramillo

espectaculares viviendas …espero tener algun ……muy buenos diseños me encantan..felicid…

Comment from Didier Mosley

Que buena, pordrías hacer también en Panamá

Comment from oihana

Me encantan todos vuestros proyectos. Auténticas obras de arte. Me encantaría poder contar con vosotros para mi futura casa en Toulouse ( Francia)

Comment from Kelvingear

Grandes proyectos para Francia. Mi más sincera enhorabuena.

Que casa más bonita. Es una preciosidad. Además los renders de las infografías tienen un gusto exquisito.


Comment from Coches Teledirigidos

Que pasada de casa, si que es verdad. Enhorabuena Joaquín. Te ha quedado fetén

Comment from Coches Teledirigidos

Un proyecto maravbilloso. de verdad sumamente estupendo

Comment from cocinas sevilla

Un proyecto extraordinario.