October 14th, 2016


A-cero studio presents the continuation of the project presented to the development of a residential complex in Argelia. An architecture adapted to the field, with two underground floors, parking, 5 floors divided into 20 homes, with a total of 100 homes in the promotion. The proposal provides homes with 4 and 3 bedrooms.


Today we show you the common areas.


The proposal made special emphasis in public areas and create opportunities for use and enjoyment of the owners. These areas, which are distributed by the plot depending on the needs, project seeking better integration in the garden, looking mimicked him while enrich functional and spatially.

In addition to that we also find a children’s play area next to the security gate.




The plot is intended as a large garden for the enjoyment of pedestrians and residents as a place of rest, leisure and contemplation. Therefore, access to the land located in such a way that the route arises vehicle surface is limited to a minimum and does not interfere in the life of the owners.


An access control is next to the entrance door of the urbanization, aesthetically integrated with the wall perimeter fence. Is a fundamental part of the project to ensure the safety of residents, raised the most advanced and efficient systems to get it.



The parking it becomes the real hall, taking care aesthetically and functionally to the extreme.

The natural light enter by small courtyards placed strategically, with latticework with geometric shapes that play with light and shadow and enrich the interior space. Walls and ceilings in white, contributing to the overall brightness. It is played with geometric lattices on roofs by using forms of hexagonal shapes.


There is a small gym exclusively for owners. It is proposed as an open space, dug in the ground, open to the outside through large windows. Inside differentiated changing rooms for men and women and a hamam. The interiors are coated mirror and play with the design of geometric shapes of continuous pavement, looking to continue with the aesthetic for the whole intervention.


The use of vegetation cover not only makes the building completely mimics the environment, also helps to improve its thermal conditions.


Excavated in the ground there is a small bar area for community use. Equipment easy to maintain, with bar area and toilets, fully open to the outside and connected with a picnic area.


Space with tables and seats under pergolas made of geometric lattices with wood and metal. Great importance is given to the lighting of the area and the insertion of natural elements such as vegetation and water.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Ojalá salga bien, es una auténtica preciosidad!!!

Comment from Juan Perez Garrido

Menudo proyecto residencia…quien pudiera vivir ahí…

Comment from María Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Nada que no me guste una pasada. No os perdáis visitar la tienda, es impresionante!!!

Comment from mariano

Gran trabajo. felicitaciones!!

Comment from El Colageno

Si puedo coincidir un viaje por ese lugar sin duda pasare por este sitio. Tiene un diseño espectacular. Saludos.

Comment from juan carlos

No deja de sorprendernos, realmente maravilloso, éxito en tu proyecto

Comment from Linkedin Empresas

Que fantástico es todo, no nos cansamos de admirar estos diseños de ensueño!!

Comment from Viajes por España

La verdad que estas construcciones invitan a ser visitadas. Diseños espectaculares.

Sigo pensando que muchos de tus proyectos se me hacen muy iguales, ya se que es tu estilo, pero.. no se, no me termina de encajar.
Aún así, felicidades.

Comment from Embutidos

¡Enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo! Grandes profesionales.

Comment from Agronomo

Un post muy interesante!

Comment from Jardinería Florida

Nosotros somos especialistas en paisajismo , nos parece muy acertada esta idea.