January 27th, 2016

A- cero presents a Masterplan located in Cadiz . TYPE II : TOWNHOUSE

A-cero studio presents a masterplan located in the province of Cadiz. This proposal stems from the dialogue between territory and human creation, seeking maximum  integration in the environment of a modern and Mediterranean architecture that is implantedin the land looking for the best views and best orientation for each residential unit.

The proposal conforms to the existing topography, using it to get views, orientation and privacy for housing. Each  housing is located studying their visual, so that the spacing there between shoulld be sufficient to not interfere with each other. The homes are located in a phased manner by terraced platforms, where houses are placed according typologies beginning with the detached and semi-detached and ending with the latter detached to link directly to the golf course.

In previous weeks we showed paired houses. Today we present  the townhouses.






The houses are based on a clear and simple use and operation scheme that seeks the light and views. The townhouses are grouped together into packages that are placed on the ground adapting to the topography and seeking guidance and views. They are sets in which each dwelling maintaining your privacy and enjoy their own plot facing south , as far as possible, and that focuses the housing open spaces for recreation and enjoyment that shares the community.

The houses are spread over two floors, mostly separating the public or day of the most private or night uses, and that it goes qualifying depending on the size of each type offering a wide variety to try to meet the needss of each family nucleus.

The distribution follows a basic  pattern. Kitchen with access to laundry and storage, complimentary toiletries and wardrobe and living room connected to the garden: downstairs areas are distributed day. In the access to the plot, is located a pergola. Upstairs the bedrooms, the main in suite.


As for common areas a sentry box of security, a local community, swimming pools and sports fields arise.

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Comment from ACerocf

Me gusta mucho también esta propuesta , las opciones de fachada son todas preciosas.

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Que lindas viviendas, me encantan, cualquier opción es una monada, mi favorita es la fachada curva. Maravilloso proyecto. Felicidades!!!

Detallistas con look fascinante.

Comment from Arturo Pavón

Buenas. Me gustaría saber qué inmobiliaria se hace cargo de la adquisición de las viviendas. Gracias

Comment from Fran

Donde se puede obtener información.¿ dónde estarán ubicadas?

Comment from walkie talkie

Asombroso, son preciosas!

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Comment from RadioAficionado

Estoy realmente impresionado con el proyecto. Gracias por compartirlo !