February 25th, 2016


A-cero presents the design of a New Resort in Western Asia of an approximate BUA of 145.000 in plot located in the coast where A-cero designed a new Resort to be enjoyed as a place to spend the weekend with the family.

The resort consists in three different parts Residential, Hotel and Retail Area. We will show you in next posts.


One of the most important aspect to take into account of this design from A-cero, is that all the complex it is done and designed with the premise of the landscaping as all the villas, hotel and retail are enclosed of vegetation and lakes where the roads are design with irregulars forms and shapes of concrete and wood, so the live of the resort once you are in express calm.



The retail area is located being the main facade of the resort and also the two main entrances to the complex.

One of the entrances it is exclusive for the residential villas, and the check in area for the hotel the other entrance it is for the retail area where also you have the restaurants and the cafes, part of the hotel so everyone from the exterior can be beneficiary of all the hotel services.


The hotel, it is an exclusive hotel located in front of the sea, where you can enjoy the beach and the sea from all the rooms divides in 6 suites rooms and 26 double rooms. The hotel also counts with a chill out where you can pass the time and area to rest and to sunbath with an infinitive swimming pool.

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Comment from ACerocf

Es una magnifico proyecto. Me encanta felicidades

Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Maravilloso Masterplan, bellísimos todos los apartados y el hotel precioso. Magnífico proyecto. Felicidades!!!

Comment from Desguaces en Sevilla

¿Terminó llevándose a cabo el proyecto?

Este es un proyecto precioso. La arquitectura es muy elegante y como todos vuestros proyectos lleva vuestro sello personal que lo distingue. No sé si en los bajos llevará locales para licitar y sus correspondientes licencias de actividad y apertura.

Comment from Pintor de vivienda

Me encanta este proyecto de pintura para esta vivienda