October 19th, 2016


The architecture studio A-cero directed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares presents a Masterplan in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The project includes more than 1.850.000 m2 with the creation of a golf club, a complex of houses, houses luxury homes, luxury villas, residential buildings and shoppin areas.


Tbilissi, is the bigger city of Georgia near to the Kurá river. The city has more than 1.345.000 people and an area of 726 km2. Between Europe and Asia is estrategically situated.


The masterplan is located in an elevated area with privileged views over the city of Tbilisi, in an area full contact with nature. A new concepto of urbanization with different types of housing and commercial areas and recreational linked to a golf club.


The total area is more than 1.850.000 m2, of which 818.000 are buildable. On this surface 46 plots over 2000 m2 dedicated to exclusive luxury detached houses of +1200 m2, with spectacular views of the city or located in the countryside, hundred luxury villas overlooking the city of the golf course with plots over 3500 m2 and 900 m2 houses, eighty hundred single-family homes overlooking the golf course plots over 2000 m2, 150 units of paired and two buildings housing block from 1 to 3 bedrooms, two types to suite the topography and location: vertical and cascading.


The project we present today has so much information that will be divided into different post. Here we show exclusive designs that A-cero has designed for access control gatehouse and semi-detached houses.


As we have mentioned before, this is a new concept very exclusive neighborhood where security and privacy of the owners is one of the main points. We show below design checkpoints for this Masterplan.





Access control is formed by two watchtowers, entrance and exit. Both have a symmetrical design connected by a sculptural piece that is projected vertically, where the name of the complex will be located welcoming.


In today’s post we show the design of A-cero for this Masterplan in semi detached houses in Georgia. 150 houses approx. 260 m2 spread over ground floor and first floor.



The semi-detached houses designed exclusively for this Masterplan in Georgia, have a great sculptural load. Outside we have a facade where different volumes that play each other in a design of organic lines are projected.

These sculptural walls protect the privacy of the owners, large windows opening on continuous glass panels in the porches, connecting the exterior of the housing with the main public areas downstairs and master bedroom.

These porches are perfectly divided, respecting the division between the houses of each block. These 150 homes are located in strategic points so that their inhabitants count on privileged views of the golf course, one of the main attractions of the Masterplan.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Magnífico proyecto, diseño precioso porches, muros inclinados y curvas que me encantan. Es ideal. Felicidades!!!

El diseño es una verdadera pasada, sin duda se trata de un proyecto de gran importancia y ojalá que salga adelante porque sin duda los bocetos nos dejan con ganas de ver más

Comment from ACerocf

Maravilloso . Amor a primera vista, ojalá se realice porque es una obra de arte

Comment from Aqui

Es totalmente increíble, ojala pudiera permitirme el que me realizaran un diseño de este estilo.

Comment from The Concrete Home

Grandes obras!

Comment from Aspiradora Karcher

Excelente proyecto y muy ambicioso. Me encantan esas lineas y esos diseños.

Comment from pins

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Comment from Proncosa México

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Sencillamente brillante! Está sinceramente muy chulo

Brutal, no me cansaré de insistirlo, está muy guay! Bravo

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Excelente proyecto urbanístico y con el mejor de los acabados posibles. Toda una obra bien llevada y ejecutada. Y que debería ser valorada como un modelo a seguir para las que en otras parte del mundo se realizan, como en nuestro propio País. Gracias por tan detallada información al respecto.