May 27th, 2013

A-cero presents an interior design project for an apartment in Lebanon

Today the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents an interior design project for an apartment in Lebanon of 583 m2 distributed on a single level.


The house is divided into two zones. A common use area in which we find an access, a hall of 45 m2 that crosses all the rooms, 3 stores, a laundry room, a service bedroom with bathroom, a kitchen of 28 m2, a dining room of 21 m2 , a toilet, a living room of 60 m2, an office and a playroom of almost 50 m2.

On the other hand we find another area dedicated more to the private and familiar sphere, in which we can locate other access to the house, a dining room of 12 m2, two toilets, one living room of 60 m2, a guest area where we find a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, the master suite with a total area of ​​about 60 m2 and three children’s bedrooms with bathroom.

As uncovered areas we can locate a Chill Out area between the two living rooms and three terraces.



It is an open space finished in black and brown, in which we have introduced a false ceiling where we can place LED light strips around the external circuit and double light sources in the center, thus being lit all the space .

Between the two living rooms emerges a small room finished in glass corresponding to the external area of ​​the Chill Out, being visible from both of them.

We find in this room three trek sofas in white and Csec coffee tables in black. In addition, several armchairs and footrests.


Across the main living room and the chill out area we find the family living room, that because being in the same area that the main, shares the same white and brown finishes.

In addition to the lighting in the ceiling that we spoke above, in this area have provided more LED light strips under two cupboards, the television one and one in the access to the area.

We have to highlight in both rooms the large windows that fill the interior with natural light.


The master bedroom evokes the idea of nature by introducing a backli picture of a forest designed by A-cero. This is located at the head of the bed, starting at the wall and continuing on the roof, so that it remains visible when lying down.

The room is finished in brown and white and the lighting is found in LED light strips that simulate the path of the headboard.

On the front wall to the bed, finished in glass, we place the TV, which is built into the wall, so that if it is off it is not visible, giving a smooth wall image.

As decoration it has been introduced in the wall next to the window a painting in gray.


The main bathroom is finished in white and mirror, thus fostering a sense of depth.

It highlights the large windows in it, which allows the entry of natural light and a fantastic view of the outside.

We find in this space a flown countertop finished in stone with two sinks, on which are two taps coming out of the mirror.

As lighting we can locate Led strip lights on the mirror and in the roof.


In this space devoted to work we have attempted to introduce also a sense of nature through another backlit picture that plays back the image of a forest, which occupies the entire front wall to the table.

The room is finished in white and brown and we find in it a work table, a chaise longue, several chairs and a bookcase in line with the wall in which we find books and decorative items.

Above the table you can locate a structure that comes from the wall and has a Led strip strip, plus strips that can be seen on each of the shelves of the bookcase, being illuminated all the literary titles.


The female child’s bedroom is finished in white and pink to blue degradations, with wooden floor.

This is a triple room in which we find the three beds in line with the wall, and whose structures are also pink hue.

Illumination is provided by LED light strips arranged under the bed structures, and in cavities under a pink structure in the roof and in another grey structure in the wall.


This last stay, dedicated to entertainment, is finished in a combination of white and black, with the introduction in the ceiling of a mirror that takes up much of the room, thus fostering a sense of depth.

In order to bring more light to the room, furniture is arranged in a yellow tone, which is also accompanied by the surface of the pool table and one of the walls of the room in which we have painted brushstrokes of the same color.

In this room we find a Mod Collection sofa by A-cero, which is modular so it gives us the opportunity to organise it as we like, a pool table finished in black gloss and a movie screen in line with the wall.

As lighting we have arranged light sources at the ends of the stay and hanging lamps over the pool table.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Está Precioso en todas las partes de la casa, imposible decir lo que me gusta más porque esTODO…Enhorabuena!!!

Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Enhorabuena!!! Es precioso todo. Os superáis

Comment from Gabriela

Esta muy bien distribuido. No parecen 583m2

Comment from David

Menuda casa, ya me gustaría tenerla. Pero hay una en especial que me encanta. El otro día viendo supercasas en youtube salió una casa con domótica que me encantó, me parece que se llama open box. Solo preguntaba porque no la encuentro en la página web y quería saber si vais a hacer una página en especial para ella, con fotos, planos, construcción o al menos decir donde (en el vídeo decía que en madrid pero en qué parte?) está para ir a dar un paseo para verla por fuera ya que es impresionante y me gustaría verla en persona aunque solo fuera el exterior desde la calle. Gracias A-Cero por seguir haciendo casas así!

Comment from Vanessa Vandergast

Coincido con el comentario de arriba, cómo me gustaría tenerla. Menuda envidia..

Un saludo