June 18th, 2013

A-cero presents a new design for a screen made of architectural bronze

Today the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares presents a new design for a screen made ​​of architectural bronze.





The screen, which as noted above is finished in architectural bronze, has 6 trapezoidal panels with poured texture on both sides.

The Architectural Bronze is a surface with a unique texture ideal for architectural and interior design projects and also has a great aesthetic value, hard to reproduce with other materials than bronze.

It is a bronze irregular surface, lightweight, with variable thickness, with diversity in many ways and the possibility of installation on vertical parameters (walls and facades), ceilings (coffered) and soils.

The arrangement of the various panels, which do not follow a uniform design, conveys a sense of movement.

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Comment from Maria Esther Rodríguez Gómez

Que Chulada q original, me encanta!!!

Comment from A-cercf club de fans de A-cero

Que bonito y que elegante!! Felicidades

Comment from tofu

que mierda

Comment from Maribel Riveiro

Me encanta!!!

Comment from Joaquín Torres

Tofu puede no gustarte pero diciendo las cosas así pierdes credibilidad…..no es necesario ofender verbalmente para dar una opinión crítica sobre nuestro trabajo….enfin nuestros actos nos definen..

Comment from Rockabilly Vampire

Sin caer en descalificaciones: es una escultura. Si nos empeñamos puede ser un biombo o cualquier otra cosa, pero una escultura al fin y alcabo. Eso sí, muy atractiva.

Comment from PUPIN

¡que maravilla de biombo !